Who is hyped for Aeromancer?

There was a huge hype around Artist, so I was wondering, was it because of the class itself or because of the appearance and the specialist class. Who wants to make an Aeromancer or even main her?


I mean its content :person_shrugging: outside of the 10 or so meta class’s specs and that includes the supports. It’s something to do if it at least comes out with a express pass. But it’d be dropped faster than drone boi/lancer :rofl: if it doesn’t do any damage.

The hype around Artist probably about all of what you mentioned combined. Plus the class version we got is its best iteration. I think ppl will stick to Artist because she seems fun to play and to look at. Also the dance squads brightens up the game lol

But for a full sup roster like me, I did not make an Artist, so im very hyped about Aero.

The hype will comeback when she gets released on Christmas at the end of this year.

Played it on RU and it’s a really fun class with some great damage so yeah definitely looking forward to it

Just another mage, i skip.

I dont think that too much player.
Artist was new, Aeromancer just another AYAYA with an umbrella.

And with a big chance she will be released in summer. This game gonna be a wasteland.

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I think it will be hyped but not even close to Artist. I think there was a very very vocal portion of the community that wanted to play support that wanted Artist. While Aeromancers visuals are super neat its very much another mage and seems to have a swift reflux feel to it. At the end of the day its “another dps” I think there were alot more people wanting to support then people thought there was and a high demand for artist.

I’ve seen a large amount of 1500+ artists day one on my server, and while yes there are many sitting at 1460 or so having a huge influx of support coming in definitely is the exact opposite of what everyone seemingly claimed would happen.

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I’ll be making an Aeromancer when it’s released also, because both Artist and Aero have pretty interesting gameplay. I’ll continue playing Bard & Artist meanwhile.

Everything about them for me. I always play short/small races in MMOs (looks like I’m going faster + can see more) and the brush-effect aesthetics just looked absolutely incredible.

Aeromancer is small, but I haven’t looked into their toolkit enough to say if I’m excited. I know they use an umbrella and I think a sword? And use weather elements.

If it’s a sorceress AYAYA then that’s a good baseline (prev main before artist was a sorc,) but it needs to be something more…which may be an obvious point.

More of a battle mage, but fair enough.

i am… more than ever and anything… hope itr comes 1 months after brel hard…

but im not gonna make one not in a million years… just so i dont get to see a fking artist ever again

I want an aeromancer as my second main character c:

It’s the latter

mage?, her umbrella actually doubles as a samurai blade, I mean it might be worth looking into

She will be my main. I have checked already in RU and the way to play her changed my life ;). Hahaha.
Hope AGS release Aeromancer in may or june. Later will be a suicide, imho :(.

And about the question, in short, me :slight_smile:

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She Will be SUPER POPULAR, first DPS AYAYA! Can’t put a price on that, and she is fun to play witch is a plus. If I can’t make my arcana work by then I will be main swapping!

All 90k bots and 10k players that are left - probably are hyped about the next release

She does have some skills close to the Berseker(Spin to win is popular), but the kit revolves around air, water and lightning magic

Yes she can do some sort of melee damage, but is plenty of magic to me.

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Very much looking forward to it. Couldnt care less that it is a Specialist, the same applied to Artist, but i wont skip her since fighting with the umbrella looks fun.

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