Who is the potato brain that decided not add even a paid Vern powerpass or expand the knowledge transfers?

Ain’t nobody got time to spend 25 hours mashing ‘G’ through the story again. I’ll never do it ever again and most people wont.

So now I not only wont be buying an extra character slot, I wont be buying mats off mari’s/the market to level it through T1+2 or skins etc.

Are you a business that needs money Amazon or nah?


Don’t forget the Destroyer was picked for release because it “goes with the content” with his staggers for Valtan… even though they gave people zero avenue to actually get one to Valtan in a reasonable time frame.


AGS smoothbrains

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i mean, they are doing everything to maximaze money…releasing trash skins first because they know they wont sell if you release the good one first…not giving power pass since we have less time to gather materials just to create more whales…not doing the honing buffs, less content and releasing argos and after saying “we hear you” (knowing very well what happened in others regions)…not releasing all the classes at game release just to create hype and player retetion…100% sure they will put the powerpass for sale before next update…and there is still white knight that are happy with anything they throw at you lol, gamers have zero selfrespect

streamers and players made some much publicity about “they value your time, they respect you, it’s not p2W and so on” that they are blind with their own lies…

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Weird thing is they gain absolutely nothing by holding off on just a Vern Powerpass as it still makes players have to grind through T1+2 and only allows them to skip the long and horrible 10-50 grind.

i mean are you high? you have to grind to 302 to 1100 is a big diference if you have to grind from 960 to 1100…wtf o.O

besides, they could give us punika pass to 1302…people are 1400+ so there is no reason not to give a punika pass

So you are saying nothing is better than something (vern power pass)?