Who plays with a disability?

Just as the title says, who plays with a disability? What are some positive or negative things have you seen or experienced?

As for me, I suffered a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) 10 years ago. My reaction times are slow, often I miss certain things during certain phases, but I try to improve each time I go into an Abyssal Dungeon or Guardian Raid.

I want to try Argos more. I’ve only attempted it once and I’ll admit I sucked, more than normal.

I main a Paladin (1385) and I follow build guides so I can get somewhat of an idea of what I need to have.

Overall I like the game but honestly, I run into more rude people than I do nice ones who want to help. That’s probably the only drawback. Honing is what it is. I don’t let it detract from the fun I have while playing.


I play Berserker.


most people in PUG’s do apparently

I play with a couple of disabilities…
One is that I have nerve damage in my spine which has affected my hands. I cant feel anything. So I can’t feel the keyboard or mouse… I have to keep watching my hands which slows me down.
Other debilitating/disabling things include pain, so I won’t even go there.

Sometimes people can get mean because I am a little slower. I don’t say anything as I don’t wish to play the ‘disabled’ card… lol

I don’t even attempt things like Argos because of my slower response times, and bad ping (OCE)… But the rest of the game is fantastic. It teaches me how to use the keyboard, and I enjoy it as I go.

I love most of Lost Ark… except honing.

My main is Assassin/Shadowhunter.


I’m autistic, so my reaction times are a little bit on the slow side, my fine motor skills are a bit lacking, and I have trouble when I have to do something differently than how I always do it (example being in Tranquil Karkosa, being in any position other than south for the orbs mechanic makes me very nervous and more likely to mess up).

I think finding a guild of nice people has helped, they don’t get mad at me when I mess up and are fine with explaining things. I read/watch guides of course, but sometimes I still need more help. I’ve done Argos and Valtan and was really bad at both to begin with, but I think I’ve gotten better. The most negative thing about playing LA while autistic though is the amount of people who use it as an insult in area chat, but I just block people and close chat lol.

I main Bard :slight_smile:


Good on you…

I admire what you do. I am sure you are not as bad as you think you are.
And keep up the good work.


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Does boomer reflexes due to age count

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i cant use voice chats like discord etc. because im afraid to talk or hear strangers on the internet. in real life i also have problems to talk with people via phone. and i never speak on mailboxs. thats weird for me to talk with myself. and i can’t criticize people / say my opinion, no matter what. for example if they play bad


you are my hero!

50% of players I find in party finder :rofl:


I main DE so…

oh man im so sorry to hear that, pls just ignore those rude people and keep your fun while playing


I’m just old and depressed, but no disabities though. :sweat_smile:, got kick out of valtan because i was on min ilvl and couldn’t survive to the ghost phase.


56 years old, which isnt a disablity really, but i am getting slower with the reflexes :rofl:

I’m also an Aspie (aspergers) and as someone above mentioned i get myself into set ways and it makes me anxious if that changes
I also hate not knowing what i’m doing or fear of getting it wrong which has prevented me from progressing above 1370 with gear because i hate the groups that think everyone was born knowing all the bosses moves, footsteps and dances

I’ll get there

My 3rd guild i joined has also just down to me being active, so either i smell or most guilds just suck and people are getting bored and moving on


I have GAD (General Anxiety Disorder) and this game with it’s timers, dailies and once a day stuff really screws with me. It makes you feel like your constantly on a deadline for fake chores.

I’m sure even people without a disorder can feel this but it’s just amplified x10 for me.

I’m a hardcore gamer. I don’t mind sitting at a game most the day. I’ll sit down and play Path of Exile constantly for the first month of a league. Doesn’t bother me much because when I log in I can do what “I” want and not what the game tells me to do. Big difference.

Alts in a game like that also make your life easier the 2nd or 3rd build while this game just gets worse. At 6 characters with like 48 dailies total I’ve just had to take week breaks from it.


Pretty much

I completely understand not wanting to try it. But glad you play

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I think it’s pretty cool to see all the replies.

It’s so cool seeing people overcome their disabilities. You are the MVPs.

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