Who said win against bots?

Yeah normal player suffers bots just keep replicating AGS does nothing Smilegate does nothing goldriver leaves as he could of done nothing. USa dead game soon.

Woke up 5am on a Sat morning with a 5k queue…not much of a win if you ask me. Only difference now is that legit players can no longer sell their mats. Good job! /s

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True, i always run endless Dungeon, and i sold the mats, it was not much like maybe 10k a week and now this Gold income is just gone… now i only do it for some greater leaps and Iam done… the reason i sold the mats was just simply to cover my honing gold Fees…

if the ags want to make real impact for the bot… just make their access to trade gold unlock behind 2nd verification like AH @Roxx . but well 100% it will hurt some people

The economy was destroyed months ago and will never recover from it.

The bots already won

and another bot queue can’t get in…so sad

we always had bound mats. nothing new

Yes - they did what the forum suggested them to do - AGS such noobs!

What should we complain about next guys?

you are naive to think they do what forum members say they should do. they do what they want.

The best way to fight bots is to track from where they operate and call the authorities on them, sadly is easier said than done and that’s a fact unfortunately.

VPN ban vs Bots? AGS 0 - 1 bots
Steam trusted account vs Bots? AGS 0 - 1 bots
Remove starting gold vs Bots? AGS 0 - 1 bots
Char bound mats vs Bots? AGS 0 - 1 bots

Till date AGS 0 - 4 Bots. Gg wp.

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Yes - they do what they want to do - AGS such noobs!

What should we complain about next guys?

I can confirm I haven’t got a single mat from t3 accessories from the chaos vendor after the change

What do you mean?

So we legit players not only lost our tradable mats, we get more bots/queue (7k queue in Bergstrom now). They obviously did not think this through. Did they let a bunch of interns make the decision?

Horray! Big win indeed! /s

The ones you buy with the purple shards I just get fewer of those same shards back. i even dismantled with an empty inventory to check if I wasn’t blind.

Oh okay, will have to check again. Maybe I made a mistake

a 1490 Boost Please tell me more about this pass that nobody got

Did you read the comment or just zero in on the word “boost”. Please read.