Who still thinks rmt should be gone

until they don’t make incomes through botting in lost ark. They’ll never stop… which means…


But doing this really doesn’t matter.
I’ve done total of 82 reports myself screenshotting players with level 10 gems spammed and with unbelievable item level no one has ever got banned. To know if they are banned or not, I added them as a friend and waited until their last logged in turns into 7days ago. Lol

How do you know those people are actual RMT?

Even with daily spending limits people could get millions of gold over the course of enough time.

If you buy 25k gold a day from the currency exchange that’s 750k gold in just a month.


Full set of lvl10 gems is extremely suspicious tbh.


That’s not our job… we just suspect people. I know you can’t be assure of every single person who has level 10 gems and whole bunch of expensive looking shits along with multiple 1470ish alts filled with 3x5 engravings and all that. Well looks obvious. But all we can do is suspect them. And see if they are doing there job. Correctly? You’re probably right man. He could have used 25k real money and bought off loads of gold ina right way? But man… you don’t know what I know. That shit I saw that’s rmt…

You’re not going to do a full level 10 gems as a full whale without breaking the cap sorry lol

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Daily limit is what? 400$?

Depending on region you can get 100k a day for that.

If a level 7 gem costs 9k gold, you can get a lvl 10 gem for 243k gold (this is old data, have not looked at current gem price).

If you need 11 lvl 10 gems that’s 2.6M gold. Meanwhile with the daily spending limit you can make about 3M in a month.

Well yeah but. Who does that…? Probably yeah could do that but 9 out of 10 people would use the… dark way…

That proves how delusionals RMT conspiracy theorist that everything that seems impossible must be RMT.

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Exactly. Everything impossible is RMT. You can do anything with gold in this game bruh.

Ever heard of time is gold?

They shortening their time with golds man

On EUC lvl7 gem si 4800 gold

You can remove the daily spending limit by contacting support. At this point having full lvl 10 gems means nothing anymore. Some people dropped 50k on the first day of Diablo Immortal release and ya’ll are surprised that people have best in slot gear after multiple months in LA.

Not to mention that gems are cheap af right now.

Like I said, my gem spreadsheet is old at least 1 month at this point.

Oh wow that’s cool man in NA East, its around 7k to 8k

Or people spend thousands of dolars in the cash shop because they can.
Have you ever heared about righ people

You are really clueless if you truly believe ags is not able to track a 100k+ gold transaction, let alone a 1 million gem sold on market, and not investigate and ban it.

All you do is just prove the human nature of jealousy.
They got something that you cannot afford and never will.

Hope all those reported by you are still active in your friend list amd having a laugh while spending thousands of dolars to

Save time while they keep making millions of dolars / year.

I spent almost 0 gold for my lvl7 gems. I found out that my 5 ilvl 1340 alts had each 13-15 boss rush tickets. After some hours, my main had full lvl7 gems.

Bruh like I said. Only suspecting. Us arguing with shitty knowledge doesn’t work it. They gotta take a look into players mail logs or something if thats can do and find it out. Isnt that simple? Instead of us bumping our heads together hardly having time to figure out if that player is rmt or not?

You need 21 7gems for one single lvl 10gem bruh get out

Ooh are you rmt too? Hey roxx get this guy check it out before he deletes replies

And also, I never heard about righ people…

Lmao. Yes. Im rmt because i talk about it. You are right. Lmao. You just proved it your delusion levels are higher than the universe itself. Good luck.

And btw false reports leads to the person who false reported to be banned instead. Just to let you know.