Who translates this?


Could you have skimped more on translations?

How is it skimped? can you speak Korean? If so, what is the more accurate translation and where is it wrong? More over why shit up the board with such a dog shit topic when you aren’t even pointing out why its bad in the first place? Seemingly, the only thing wrong there is syntax and capitalization which is not translation.

Please report localization issues in the bug section, MoldenGodIn. Where did you find this text? I can send it over to the team.

I’ve also moved this over to the bug section.

Not sure what the issue with this sentence is, unless you’re not a fan of poetry. Can you provide more details on the problem?


Out of so many poor translations in the game, you choose to complain about a sentence that sounds good :rofl:

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Troll post. Dont waste time with this kid.

Okay. It’s more the punctuation and capital letters in this one. It’s from the horns you get from completing Gate 6.