Who voted for Destroyer release?

So AGS you said you gather data. Afaik only few people voted for destroyer class base on the poll given by the community. So how did u guys end up releasing that class(no hate on destroyer) and not the most wanted class? Like Scouter, Summoner, Reaper and Artist?


guessing meme posts on how destroyer would be funniest shit as alt farmers get +100 weighted vote counts

AGS base their decision on what data tells them and not on what players want smh

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Probably used the same method they did for our vast skin section lol.


Destroyer already got delayed because of complaints and instead lance master came out.

Destroyer eventually needs to come out as it is a base class…

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I voted for Destroyer.


I did


Destroyers unite!


They are releasing the oldest class first, I cannot say if destroyer was the oldest class not released yet.

Anyway stop complaining, it is extremely annoying to have 400000 posts per day about that.


Me I voted for destroyer I also told them to relase Scouter last and Artist never.


i did, i wnna bonk mobs.


Whole destroyer release is going to be a joke since theres no pass with it

yeah. This is an old topic. Its confirmed destroyer is coming , so people can’t change it now. Take it or leave it. I didnt vote but I have a extra character slot for destroyer for sure.

The company did.

Why in the world do you think your opinion, or anybody elses opinion, would in any way change the course of AGS/SG release schedule?

They have classes and skins scheduled to release based around market research, not player feedback. Right now the game is still hyped up, so they don’t need a big class drop. When there is a lull you’ll see the big comback releases.

Your gonna be drip fed for the next year, when things are up you’ll get less, when things are down and fustration is high, you’ll get more.


Lmao no hate on those who voted for Destroyer. I just wanna clarify of what they meant by gathering data. It clearly showed us that Scouter has the most vote on the poll.

Wrong artist does scouter is second but still destroyer came last in almost all of them should be the point youre focusing on

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As they said we won’t get artist soon. They already said they are releasing old classes. So artist was the latest. So copium for artist is gonna take more time that people expect

I voted for Destroyer.


let’s see how many destroyer gonna be on week 1 of release. thank god i still have my feiton pass for him :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

i remember last month kalaja was full with glaviers . XD