Who wants to see the list of RMT who got banned directly from AGS?

Just in curiosity, who wants to see the list of RMTs who got banned by AGS?

I saw this post and got curious about how many real players would like to see the banned list of RMT.


I have proposed they release a list of every account that gets banned for RMT publicly and have it include their roster lvl main character name & ilvl as well as all their alts names & ilvl. I also would like them to give us the guilds their characters are in & the sum of RMTed gold they’ve purchased.

I understand the reasons they don’t do this and the negative aspects such a system would bring but at this stage I think it is the only way to appease to the play base that is fuming with rage at their current banning policies & lack of communication or vague communication on the mater.
Which makes some sense as they don’t want to help the bots circumvent what they’re trying to do but its quite clear that its either not being implemented fast enough or the bots are just adapting to it faster than the team can actually keep up.

Amazon should share the nicknames and servers of the banned players as a file on the official website. They must build an empire of fear. If they show mercy, this problem will never be resolved.
The only solution: attack attack attack.

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I bet this player in the Rethramis (EUW) server, currently in the AntClub guild will be on the list.

Here’s the list…

RMTBanList.doc file not found

If this player gets banned, I’m sure he won’t play again. He spent thousands of dollars even if he did Rmt.

Good riddance.

Never going to happen. Even if this was provided, you would have some idiot come try to say the list was fake or poke some other hole through it. There is another thread right now with someone doing that very thing.


I do. SG is already doing this in Korea. #PermaBanRMTers. They are no different than bots and plague to this game.




I want to see a list.

To have a list they have to… ya know start banning RMTers permanently.

Otherwise the list below:


god look at all the whales going nuts, so hilarious.


Yeah, ban players who have more money than me. I don’t like it.

No because what is the point of that. It serves no purpose

BDO does it…

Dude we are not witch hunting you all need to chill let ags /sg do there jobs and let the cheaters have there bed to lay down in there should be no list of anything im sure they are trying to combat this as quick as possible amongst other things the na community wants look i hate being in a game where bots and rmters exist but no matter what they do its a process they will get there just due no worries :+1: positive thinking community positive thinking :blush:

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As do all of your contrarian forum posts, yet you just keep going. Actual NPC LOL.

Count me in.

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