Whos excited for Lance Master and what are you plans for release day!

As it was announced that Lance Master will be the first class to be released, I am curious to see how many active forum members plan on playing it on release, potentially having the class as their “main” and what you all plan to do for the release day or even the following week after release. Feel free to post your thoughts, opinions and whatever else :)!


At first sight I loved her, don’t really know a lot about her other than that I need her.

Tonight one of the things I will be doing is creating my lil lance to get some rested bonus for her

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Going to main her for PvP no matter if its pre-nerf or not as for PvE i can’t make it my main im to far ahead and having the “fear of missing out” on things i won’t be able to main her unfortunately

1415 in the first day. Saved tons of materials on alts for lancemaster.

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Did you say tonight? Is Lancemaster available today???

Thats a bit of a gold burn on shards lol.

i have 100+ bags of honor shards from maps, and bought from auction house. 150k shards. probably wont be enough tho xD wil be happy if i get around 1370-1385

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Glaiver looks cool for pvp i want to do one just for that but idk how it does in pve

Nah hes getting that rest bonus to 100 on everything, we do not know when it comes out but people think next week

Bro im in the same situation, my deathblade is 1355 but I easily have enough mats to get 1370 with a lot of fails however I am saving it for lance master even if im behind rip

Not excited at all! Holding out for destroyer =D.

Have fun lance master!

Hope you lance stuff all day!

I dont care much about ( pvp and pve) and played both equally ( about chosing class).
WIth lancemaster i will do the same o/ lets go play to the end o/

I’m hoping materials prices to go up so I can milk Glaivier fans

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