Why a platinum founder is considering quitting and how to solve it!

Let me describe the situation for you.

(And before you flame the server choice it was done pre-f2p at launch and at that time it had no que at all. When que became an issue I was close to 50 and had mates on the same server).

I have to log on at 10 am to get in. If I am late I end up in a que which normally is between 10-15k. Unfortunately no estimation of wait time is available so you simply have to sit there and hope.
But so finally you get in. (Usually if you que up at say 14:00 you get in at around 21-23 in the evening) But I don’t know about everyone else but my way of enjoying my life is not sitting in front of a que screen for 7-9 hours so I do other stuff. And ofc. then you suddenly are logged in and when you come back to your computer you have AFK’d out of the game again and have to enter the que bonanza again…
And if you get in earlier or log in on the morning you have to afk avoid by being active every 30 minute. Which is simply stupid…

And the problem isn’t the players, it’s the decisions made by Smilegate and Amazon.

  1. At launch, no EU West. The amount of sold founder packs should have been a clear indicator that EU is larger then NA. But nope. It comes too late and with too little. Playerbase should not have been a surprise. You where there (amazon) when you launched New World and messed that up at launch. Some experience from that failure should have been forwarded to Smilegate.

  2. No stopping of char creation on popular servers. Zinnervale, Thirain, Kadan. When I created my character there where no que’s and I was close to 50 before que’s became an issue. New characters should have been stopped on the servers when the amount exceeded say servercap + 5k or something like that. Not let over 100% over the server capacity be allowed.
    How can there even be a que of 15 000 or more on a server that can only handle 20 000? That mean you decided to let over 40 000 people create characters on a server unable to cater for even half.
    Imagine that same logic on an airplane or a restaurant: “Well, some might not show up to the dinner/flight so we might aswell book one extra per seat…”

So now, the game is pretty much unplayable for someone who has a life away from the computer and can’t be arsed to remote control the computer every 30 minutes.

Suggestions on how to fix it:
You say you can’t character transfer. I say that is bullshit. During downtime of the servers COPY the database of server A and it’s entire Roster. Then PASTE that roster onto server B. Make sure it works, then delete (inactivate) on Server A pre-launch and restart the servers.
That is how you migrate one database posting to another on a server if it can not be done in live mode. (Which apparently isn’t possible with your technology).

I understand if characters can’t be moved but moving an entire Roster should be easy.

Offer that and let us sign up to what server we want to move and do it during patch day. You should even offer us (that are willing to move) some free stuff.

This has to be fixed before refunding of founder packs are demanded. I paid for “crystal aura” and “play early” but that means nothing since I can’t get in. And I am not the one who should have to “re-roll” to fix your unability to estimate demand and overbooking spots on each server.