Why advertise the current express pass and feiton power pass with vykas?

they both expire on the day she releases, it makes no sense to mention them in an article that’s for prepping for vykas… Lost Ark Academy - Preparing for Vykas - News | Lost Ark - Free to Play MMO Action RPG

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It feels like the marketing team is disconnected from the CMs and have no one in there to point out. Hey this ain’t gonna happen in game.

Just like Yoz Jar announcement showcasing summoner and reaper skins as the front page.

I’m confused, was there not supposed to be an additional powerpass granted for the 06/30 update? or was this from the feiton powerpass from 3 months ago?

I mean…I suppose…but I guess I don’t understand? Are they over communicating? They were simply saying this ends on the 30th and hopefully you used it.

Like they’re literally telling the player base yesterday hey if you haven’t activated the express then you need to before june 30th, but then have until july 20th to use it.

The Feiton power pass is literally instant…so again if you were sitting on it…use it as it goes away…on June 30th.

Super Express:
“This event can be activated on a character until June 30, and the missions on the activated character can be completed until July 20.”

Feiton Power pass:
Once you’ve completed the storyline through that continent, you’ll be able to use it to bring an alternate character to that point in the game. With a Feiton Powerpass, you’ll receive level 960 gear on that character. This event Powerpass will expire on June 30.

Seemed pretty cut and dry to me…If you’re a brand new player make sure you grab super express as you’ll be able to use it for 3 weeks before it expires. Feiton powerpass does nothing for you really if you’re brand new…but if you were waiting to use Feiton with your upcoming main that you’ve never played…then it will expire today.

They probably got that written before, and knowing them, because of the delays, it remained that way.

OFC they didnt check it, or the people doing it dont have any clue about the game.