Why AGS didn't temporary remove these to slow down bots?

So AGS we all know you are trying your best to combat the bots issue in game but why didn’t you try to slow them down and remove things that benefits the bots.

Remove Temporary:

Infinite Chaos Dungeon Run.
Chaos Dungeon Store NPC.

and why didn’t you hire a GamesMaster to roam around and banned them in-game?

This bots issue is getting worst every day. I feel like you guys doesn’t care about the game and you all want are data to submit to higher ups so you guys get a good job?

Care to have an explanation? AGS?


That is a great question! I cant believe no one has asked this before. You are an absolute treasure to the community.


So far we get almost no response to the chaos dungeon vendor.

They dont care is what im starting to think.
Bots are farming players for gold.

Ags response. Nothing

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Well there wouldn’t need to be 1000 threads on it if a CM responded to this issue.

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People still make the same stupid threads over and over even when a CM gives an answer.

Have to agree with you there.

just make them roster bound, I want to farm my chaos here and there when I just want to chill.


Instead of complaining why don’t u link the CM’s response so she wont waste her time replying to this thread?

Because believe it or not, some players actually like doing infinite chaos?

No, terrible idea. A lot of human players don’t do infinite chaos so it wouldn’t hurt them too much. AGS should follow their great path and keep removing gold from rapports and I think they should put a tax on every player - -10% of the total amount of gold on every reset!

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:whispers: Because they are part of the business

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They aren’t(most probably), those companies only stop when the authorities get involved and we all know that we will be dead when they decide to do something. Just look at the ppl that track scammer offices on youtube/twitch, they do it live with locations and everything. Those companies just pack up fast and swap places.

It would not slow down the bots. They will do up to the limit, then log on another character, rinse and repeat.

Making the Mats bound just screws us, as it is a somewhat reliable way to make gold.

We’ve been saying they need to make the chaos dungeon vendor stuff untradeable or bound to roster for a long time. Still have yet to see a single response from a CM about it.

Nobody except a VERY VERY small minority of players in comparison to the bots are farming infinite chaos. Your time now is spent doing so much more through alting. Making the materials roster bound is a good compromise and a small sacrifice to have a big impact on the bots.