Why AGS/SGR didnt fix the Bot Problem earlier

If you ask yourself why AGS/SGR didnt do anything about the bots earlier, then you might want to read SGRs press release posted 2022.05.10:

It seems like SGR needed the CCU for their PR campaign in order to advertise the success of the western release for their investor relations.
Also Gold River stated in his last Video that SGR was about to close a big collaboration deal for Lost Ark and a higher subscriber / current user count backs up their Budget Forecast and implies how much potential Revenue the Game is going to generate in the Future.

(Google-Translation from Korean):
โ€œLost Arc is solidifying its position as the global No.1 MMORPG by reclaiming the No. Although it has been three months since its release, it has maintained an average of 500,000 concurrent users per day, giving a green light to its long-term success.โ€

For those who dont understand or cant interpret that: This is in fact good news for Smilegate as a Company. However, this is pretty sad for all players that enjoy the Game on a daily basis, because this implies that AGS/SGR doesnt really care if the Game is in a healthy state or not, as it is more important for them to artificially inflate their ccu instead of maintaining a healthy Game enviroment for their playerbase.



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I think this just confirms what so many have suspected. Itโ€™s all about the numbers. Bots are still numbers. Continuing to support this after realizing the fraud/deceit/abuse towards the players is the same as staying in a toxic and abusive relationship when you know itโ€™s done.

It was a fun run, while it lasted.


imagine us people who have been saying this for the last 8 weeks. bUt ItS aLl iN oUr hEaDSโ€ฆ


I knew it!

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Also, Smilegate killed Jeffrey Epstein because he knew too much about thisโ€ฆ


i knew itโ€ฆlol


Bumping for visibility. This needs to be seen


see how much they actually care, 5 days later

lol, iโ€™ve been saying this. They needed the high player count for investors. People were telling me it didnโ€™t matter and its all about revenue/profit or something

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It really doesnโ€™t.

Cool conspiracy theory. Whatโ€™s every other MMOs excuse then?

Technically not wrong. Bots are still users :joy:

However, if youโ€™re talking from a moral standpoint then itโ€™s in bad optics.

But hey lets blame only AGS, SGR 100% care about players.

Much like any services, the front-desk/helpdesk/customer managers are usually the pitiful meat shield protecting their big corporation bosses.

Yes itโ€™s been discussed before here

Funny thing is many people refused that steam db concurrent player number is very no accurate, someone even make a post about it. But looks like SG even use that numbers from steamdb. LoL

This thread is 12days old. The one you linked is newer.

just see where itโ€™s gonna goโ€ฆ if ags canโ€™t fix bot their reputation 100% will go down=they fail new world , they fail with lost ark , whatever their future planโ€ฆ player already have trust issue with ags. @Roxx

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