Why all Glaivier Pinnacle builds are 7-skills based?

What’s the proposal to have a skill bar swap, if we only rely in 7 skills for 5x2 and 4x3 builds? We dont have even 8 skills as every other class :man_facepalming:

Why don’t we have a proper 5th engrave? Some will say to use IM, Ambush Master, AoA, Adrenaline, or Raid Captain, but if you know how other classes are designed, you will know that these options doesnt fit well with Glaivier. Why SG dont care to support the classe as it should be? Instead, they just want to release more and more classes.

There is a balance patch supposed to add 6.6% dmg to Red skills, but that’s a slow move due all issues with Glaivier.

Please, revisit Glaivier class. So much potential is broken by poor game design.

Community is even asking for it (I can link even more resources if needed, but these videos explain very well the situation):

The only real Issue for me its the short duration of the red stance buff (eventually youll learn to time the swap) . Yes, you could use many more skill points but you can make decent builds still.

Having 2 different skill bars lets you have 2 counter, one parry and a reposition skill without losing much dps compared to other classes.

She doesnt have the best engravings thats true. I like runing increase mass instead of raid captain as this applies in both stances and besides the slow start on the first rotation you wont notice the penalty rest lf the fight if you do your rotation properly ofc.

She could get some optimizations for sure, but so do most of the classes.

I am not attacking any other class in my statements. I dont care to lost MVP here and there to them. Everyone deserve a decent class to play. Its not about entitlement.

Also, the sad true is that if a Glaivier get MVP, for sure the other classes are noobs or did something incredibly wrong in the content.

My point is that Glaivier seems a forgotten class. Loads of known issues reported with solid proofs by KRs/RUs/Reddit/YouTubers, which are directly related to the class gameplay design, so from my perspective community / main Glaiviers should stop accepting the secondary role of the DPS, and ask for more attention. It’s the minimum expected in terms of ideal balance among the classes. Looks like we are conformed…

Dont get me wrong, I just know that the class has problems, and I am using the forum to put them in evidence

If we stay silent, the things will be continuing being reflected in the game as it is today… Most of the Glaiviers I know are Alts…In my guild, among 48 players, I am the only main Glaivier. The rest are Gunlancers, Zerks, Supps, Striker, Scappers, DBs, and SH… If SG not gives attention to a class, why will the community do?

Proper 5th engraving would be Awakening. Red Awakening casts very quick and does a big amount of damage for a short time period, which is enough for a countered boss. Sadly, it’s underrated one.

Use Awakening after switch from Red to Blue, so it will do crit hit almost only.

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Why dont you use counter and parry?
Glavier build either 5 blue-2 red, 4 blue-3 red, and i see some 3blue-4 red build.
So have least 5 potential good blue dps skill and 4 good red dps skill. That already 9 skill.
Have 2 counter, 1 parry, and 1 movement skill.
So its 13 and not 7

And still a secondary DPS, can you guess why? As I said, dozen skills without proper design for each one. We can have full 16 skills slots, but only 7 matter.

I understand that any wrong move can make Glaiv OP, but it doesn’t mean it is today. It’s far from it. Fix main skills DMG/speed and find a better engravings synergy will solve 90% of the problemsz. It’s not that hard to see this picture playing as a Glaivier

Which class uses more than 6 or 7 damage skills? Every class has at least 1 movement skill and/or 1 counter skill that isnt part of the main rotation.

I play 8 classes and can go through them to prove my point.

Berserker (mayhem): 5.5 damage skills (including z skill), 1 counter, 1 synergy, 1 movement .

Sorc (reflux): 7 damage skill + counter

Sharpshooter (LC): 5.5 damage skills (including z), 1 synergy, 1 movement, 1 counter

Pistoleer : 5.5 damage skills, 1 movement, 1 counter

Control Glaivier : 5 damage skills, 1 synergy, 1 movement, 1 counter

Paladin (when dpsing) : 5 dps skills, 2 synergies and 1 movement.

Tai Scrapper : 5.5 dps skills (including counter), 1 movement, 1 synergy

Surge DB : 4 dps skills including surge, 1 movement, 1 counter, 2 synergy/stacking. And 1 stacking skill.

All the 0.5 skills are just weaker dps skills like mayhem z or swiftness sharpshooters z.

Even when looking at classes like gunslinger or EW deadeye you still can only deal damage with 6-7 skills.

You also only have enough skill points to get 6 skills to lvl 12 with either 2 lvl 7s or 1 10 and 1 4. Pinnacle glaivier isn’t any different from the rest

I feel like Glaivier is so underwhelming. It is not fast, it doesn’t deal great damage, it is not one of the easiest to play, and it is not sturdy. It is average to below average in just about everything.

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By the way, I am referring to pinnacle glaivier. Control is absurdly easy to play and I have no idea how its damage compares to the rest. I don’t play it and I don’t care for it since it is a braindead ability spam class.

Every class has same amount of skill points to assign, 4 blue 3 reds is the best right now and will get even better after 4% buff on red, i dont understand your point, most constant dps classes have 6 damaging skills and two utility, shock has 5 damage and 3 utility, surge has 3 damage and 6 utility.