Why am I unable to report RMT Adverts in the grp finder?


Could we please get an option to report people who are advertising RMT Gold shops in the grp finder?

I see them there every day, for weeks, when looking for Argos, Guardians, Abyss and it annoys me. I can not report them and they do not get banned. There are T3 Chars, adverstising that sites, which I see there every day, for weeks.

Would be really nice, to be able to report them, if Amazon continues to refuse, to hire some GMs. Thank you. ^^

Wbr, shnoopx



100% the fact u cant report them.is rly hurting

to be honest, i dont think it would help much, since bots are using automation to create accounts and spamming ads, while an in-game reporting system is often processed manually.

Imagine an amazon staff receives 10k+ bot reports (maybe even more) in a day. I dont think there would be any humans who would enjoy and could process these reports efficiently and accurately without making any mistakes. no mention that u expect them to do this everyday.

if…perhaps amazon could design some kinda machine learning algorithm program to do the work, but still highly unlikely gona work since it seems the bot developers have outskilled amazon’s developers way too much already.