Why are EUC Servers still open for new Accounts?


What is the reason for this decision?
Why is it still possible to create new Accounts and Characters on the EUC Servers, when “You” admitted, that the Servers are full and “you” can not ad more Slots.

Just tell me WHY?

There are hundrets of Bots, which spam Gold Selling Ads. They are in the game, because they still can make new Accounts and go into the queue too.

Yesterday “you” posted an update with a “Sorry, players who doesn’t want to lose everything, but we will not help you”. The suggestion would be “Start at 0”.

I ask again, why is it still possible for new Accounts to join the way overpopulated EUC Servers? It is possible to close them for new Accounts, you did it once.

That is something you could do right now and it would help to at least reduce the Queue numbers.

Close the Servers for new Accounts. Do not allow them to join the Queue and ban all Gold Selling Bots. Than you can wait until the numer of active Players falls below a certain point and reopen the Servers. But implement a chat limitation for new Accounts, before they reopen.

Yes you opened a new Region, and mentioned the same time “It’s better for new players”. But where are the ideas to help existing players with alot of progress?

There are things that could be done to at least make it a little bit better.

Wbr, shnoopx

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they did it once for like 10 minutes, i really dont know, what they want to do with this game

I know. That’s the reason why I know they could do it.

But I asked a question, which would never be answered. I know that.
I am just sad, because I waited for 8 years to be able to play the game and than…

Wbr, shnoopx

there is only one reason machine for makinkg money. players now know little more about systems but new dont and buying stuff.