Why are green and blue pots not tradeable

Green and blue potions you craft at your estate with gathered materials from the world are supposed to be tradable. They are tradeable in all other versions of the game.

For some reason, in our version, the green and blue potions are “Binds when obtained”, which makes absolutely no sense to me, these are supposed to be tradeable so you can make money off crafting and stuff. Also the purple and above tiers are tradeable.

I was wondering why there were absolutely 0 blue and green pots on the market, this is why. Now you just force people to mari’s shop green pots, or buy materials to craft it themselves?

Furthermore, an essential feature that many people do is buy potions from the auction house while in raids when you run out of them. Now they’re forced to either buy unnecessarily expensive purple pots, or restart (which some of them do not have checkpoints after each boss).


This feels like a bug because they’re tradeable in all the other regions as far as I know. But it’s not in the known issues list so I’m not sure.

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Some kind of official answer would be nice, are people who don’t farm stuck with only buying purple pots?


exactly my thoughts. purple pots are extremely overkill for most content in the game so far. what are the new players gunna do when they run out of the pots they get from story…

@Roxx I guess you guys are held up with the EUC issues right now but… this needs to be addressed eventually.

Yes, I don’t get it either. Why this happened? Is it intentional?

every single change amazon did to this game was for the worst. this is no exception.

not only you can’t buy or sell pots but you can’t even trade them between your roster. you opened all platinum chests with your main ? too bad for you, you alts wont have any of those battle items …

it feels like amazon try very hard to make players life harder than it should be.

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