Why are guild penalties so punishing

Hi, uh I’m honestly scared to join any guild for the fact that if for any reason I want to leave, I will get a penalty for it (1 day/ 7 days/ etc.) I don’t want to be stuck in one I’m not enjoying. Sometimes people stop logging in, or they don’t talk often if at all. Those two examples are some reasons why I haven’t joined a guild/ what I’ve experienced. How are we going to find a guild we love or truly enjoy without trial and error? For me, finding a guild that aligns with your values on the first try is more than rare if not very nearly impossible. Thank you. I do want to join a guild though. C:

Also, if anyone has any other thoughts, on this please share them! :smiley: Thanks again!


Funny thing is that you not only get penalty on joining guild, when you join new one you are “New Guildmate” and basically got no bloodstones for like 4days or so, i see no reason for penalty longer than 24h, stacking one is terrible decision.


Not joining any guild ever because you’re afraid of not being able to join a different one for a week if you leave seems kinda like you’re jumping straight to the very punishment you’re afraid, but without being closer to finding a guild you don’t want to leave.

Uh…do you think there’s a problem or no problem with the fact that all of us will get penalties for leaving that are seemingly (to me at least) unnecessarily long? To address what you said, my experience is there’s some guilds that have members who haven’t logged in, or they hardly talk to me or anyone in guild chat. Mainly those two things for me. I have tried joining guilds before. Found those two things happening when I did so far. I mean I can try more to prevent joining these instances. There’s always the chance that even if I prepped as hard as I could that they become inactive later on or I’ve been lied to etc.

I actually like the fact there is a Penalty because to many people guild hop in games nowadays this is a way to combat that and make people truly think about what guild they want to join. If you are on Zosma feel free to look up my guild Oni Knights ^^

oh thank you! I’m not on Zosma :CC

It seems to be designed to inhibit abuse of the guild reward system. It shouldn’t be a full week perhaps, but clearly you aren’t supposed to be guild-hopping every other day. Are you unable to see who is in a guild you’re trying to join to contact them and ask them questions about the guild?

Thank you, uh I can be better at contacting the guild(s) I’m interested in. um There’s also more things I should/could do. Some of the thoughts of what other things I can do I just got to think of (still) but I will try to be better at it.

One of the main reasons for the higher and higher penalty is actually GvG and “winner Guild Hopping” that comes with it in other games.

Since we dont have GvG yet, why not make it shorter for now :slight_smile:

oh I had no idea about this. This does make sense though. :O!

Fair. If there isn’t any (or much) actual abuse to be had for now no reason for it to be super punitive.

Im actually leaving the guild my main is in because its dead and am about to run into this same problem. My hope is i can time it well enough to still get 100% participation at the end of the week next week. Not sure if ill be able to.