Why are my engraving bonuses greyed out despite having it leveled up?

So I got my Awakening for example, up to 6-7 crystals which activates the first bonus. On the ENGRAVINGS tab it shows the bonus in white, like most games when you get a set bonus or a bonus unlocked. However in my character profile page in gear, when I highlight it, it’s all greyed out. Despite showing i need 20 epic books to hit the next tier and it being level 1, still grey.

Is this a known glitch or a visual error or is something askew?

Check under ur character page engraving it wont be all grey

Why doesn’t the bonus show up on the gear page? It does however as you said show up in the engravings tab properly.

you need to enable them… right click it and Alt right click it

That didn’t do anything but unequip them.

And still when its in Gear its greyed out. However it does say on screen in small test that its activated but still bonus is greyed out in gear tab.

Bug maby, not sure.