Why are people asking for class buffs and nerds before relic sets?

The classes have the same balance as Korea, in Korea they’re balanced around the current gear sets, classes will feel different at the moment because we don’t have those gear sets, but why should classes be drastically when they will end up being unbalanced again when those sets do release

All I keep seeing is people asking for nerf this buff that, just be patient

Because 90-95% of the forum barely knows a thing about the game.

P.S I don’t know most stuff either, just comment my own experience, don’t bother talking about balance tho because its always gonna be catered to KR standards, west has always been neglected when it comes to balancing in KRMMMo’s


It’s not like they play much differently across the board with relic.

Some classes scale better with certain stats but that’s about it.

Heck the op classes are op to begin with and scale even better too.

Them nerds are asking for so much

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we get the new balance patch at 19th may anyway, no clue why people event want other buffs or nerfs rofl

I hate those nerds, always making things worse wherever they are.

Yes they will, one relic set gives a 60% damage buff that will hugely increase some of the under performing back attack focused classes, that is a HUGE buff, one set massively increases mana regen and really reduces cooldown of your skills, the difference is absolutely massive with relic sets, so yes they do change the balance of classes quite a bit

I don’t particularly care about the actual nerfs and buffs, especially because people can’t do simple math and blow small nerfs way out of proportion.

That said, the counter attack changes are awesome and I would love to have them because I think they would make a lot of classes feel slightly less annoying about countering especially back attackers for obvious reasons.

you say that like the same set doesn’t give any bonuses to other classes too :rofl:

It doesn’t though? The primarily weak classes right now in the west are the back attack relying ones, the relic set is a HUGE buff to them classes, the other sets don’t increase damage as much, for example the set based on cooldowns and mana regen that the sorc will use, that’s why sorc does insane damage now because she doesn’t need the relic set, and is balanced around that

Relic sets aren’t the be all end all but a lot of classes are drastically changed based on the sets, so having balance that would fuck that up when the relic sets drop in a week, there is no point

uhh… let’s see…

weak back attack classes:

DB (it’s only #1 dps after all)
berserker (super weak, needs buff)
striker (mega weak, only crits for 3m 4 times every 18 seconds)
scrapper (the set benefits them just like anyone else above, still ends up mediocre)
control glaivier (still weaker than above classes after relic)
suppression SH (still weaker than above no matter what you throw at it)

since we’re using sorc as an example, sorc scales exponentially (igniter) with crit bonuses from sets

right now, both DB, zerker, and striker are on par with igniter sorc dps even without relics

back attack classes are strong, the set effect wont make a difference if you cant get behind the boss all the time