Why are players leaving? "vol2" 375k

We said it, we made a ton of explanations on the forums.
If it goes like this, you play with bots in the game, or with people who have money.

-t3cube drop materials are a joke
-According to them, boss rush gives better material, nerf it.
-Mathematics is very important knowledge. The longer you kill Verganos, the more material the chaos will take in a shorter time, the same applies in the tower.
-Let’s talk about solar and drop rates.
You can get Solar 15, 20 stacks from the maria shop. One honing t3 12 solar G. 6 solar B. 2 Solar P. I say mathematics is important. Or you will turn to chaos all day or you will buy it with money.

All of these do you f2w or p2p?
How do we gear up with so few drops? Congratulations.

Everyone just honing with the Guardian will fail, They’ll get really pissed off at you, I say math is important. I don’t think it matters what you think of us. If we were wrong, you would have told us so.

Complaining thread #32342424, here we go again :roll_eyes:



  1. It’s a weekday, people have lives.

  2. Still peaking 400k+ over 24 hours, why are you doomsdaying? Literally makes no sense. This is a completely healthy number of players.

  3. Learn how trends work and read graphs properly. It’s giga cringe.


They were sharing them for the new world. Ok bro.

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Honestly, it looks like a combination of people leaving after honeymoon phase and mass banning of bots. I check RMT gold price and ingame exchange to get a feel for market to profit when I can take advantage, and the dollar price for gold in RMT went 3x+ starting with the beginning of the recent concurrent player count drop, and recent currency exchange ingame is at its lowest in recent weeks while market price for items in gold have been plummeting.

There has been times where gold price in RMT spiked yet ingame exchange remained high and affected market value in gold for items, but it is the first time gold went more expensive in both ingame and RMT by significant margin.

Also, I have been noticing less bot spams on area chat as well. If AGS stepped up their game on banning bots, I hope to see a big celebratory announcement, and hope that is a major cause for player drop.

it’s a freaking free to play online game, people leave and come back all the time, whats the point?

Idk why people obsess over Steam Charts so much, game is fine.


It’s free to play and it’s free not to play


What does New World have to do with anything related to active player count and trends within this game?

You wouldn’t understand even if I told you, you’re right :slight_smile:


Typical response when someone doesnt have any counterstatement.
AGS arent developing this game, theyre literally just publishing it to our region.
Sure they have certain say in what content gets released when, but comparing this games release to New World just makes absolutely no sense.

Stop being butthurt, go touch grass.

Okey. Thanks for information. Finally, math is important.

people left weeks ago, now the population decrease is amazon getting better at removing bots
we probably don’t have more than 300k concurrent max real player :shushing_face:
so around 50% loss from launch, nobody play all the day now :grin:

The hype and cope populations are hitting a paywall. The numbers will drop for a while. Also they just severely kneecapped botting, which Steam registers as players.

The population will stabilize to probably ~100k simultaneous assuming no more major design woes take place.


If people not complain, how will the company know that there is a problem? I can say: Here we are , white knight #232321

Leave then if you don’t like the game. :person_shrugging:

well in the simplest way, it becomes repititve and most players joined with the hype then got bored.
nobody really cares about cube drops or boss rush it has nothing to do with the decline

Do realize online does not mean how many people actively play the game RuneScape for explain has over 1 million active player base u dont ever see over 200k people online at a time usually i think it’s 120k-150k

I mean isn’t a simple explanation that the real active player count has been hyper inflated by Bots the majority of the time? And with them making it pretty difficult for bots that get banned to make new f2p steam accounts, it makes sense that the concurrent playerbase would drop, because only Bots were playing concurrently around the clock.

Stop making these kind of posts. It’s cringe and boring.