Why are players leaving? "vol2" 375k

ppl is leaving b/c they try games and leave, name 1 just 1 mmo that did not had this trend of launch hype followed by loss of players… ITS NORMAL and as long as numbers stay healthy (>100k is pretty dam healthy for a new mmo) its fine and no ammount of doomsdaying will change that

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please, give this man his award already so he can finally stop trolling.

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It’s pretty concerning that the game is failing to retain players so soon after release. The best MMO’s in the world have managed to retain a massive loyal playerbase. We’re gonna end up with New world 2.0 if they keep leaking players.

its not, WoW, FF14, GW2, TESO, all succesful games, all had the exact same thing after launch hype, if after 1 year we have less than 50k concurrent players we can worry, maintaing 500k players is craaazy…
it happens with every game to be honest.

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Over 400k where?

guys still have 10m players in their hearts. (In my opinion, most of them are bots and this game will be worse than the new world before it takes too long.)

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He is not trolling… sadly. He is just white kinghting.

Btw: The numbers now dropped again. Fantastic achievement from more than 1.2 million to 220k.

They didn’t really fix underlying problems and players are perceptive enough to see it.

Also, they see that 1340-1370 is hugely difficult and grindy to a level that is different from t1/t2, but for very little gain. You get to one 8 man raid, harder versions of dungeons you can already do, and a boring Fox that does different colored attacks.

no game loses 80 percent of the playerbase that’s any good.

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Name any morpg/mmorpg from steam that doesnt lose playerbase in the modern days. Tbh, RPG genre easily loses their player base in the first few months. I have never seen any exception so far

One reason they are leaving is because they are bots and now it is a lot harder to recreate bot accounts.

The game lost 50 percent of its players since the patch releases, while before it was decreasing slowly and naturally. Just a coincidence I guess.

thats how gaming goes.
People flock to a game because of hype, and find out quite soon that its not their cup of tea.

nothing more, nothing less.
Seeing it for decades already, dont understand the fuss

For some reason people think concurrent players= total game population. They don’t get the 376k people playing at peak hours isn’t usually the same 200k people playing at 3am on a Wednesday. They also don’t understand peak players will never hold, that peak was achieved by people setting up days off from work to play, it is also the time of the most hype, hype eventually fades and people who bounce around from one hyped game to another hyped game, people today have the attention span of gnats. The game will be fine and will find its niche, you don’t need 1 million concurrent players to run a successful MMO, and people obsessing about it and complaining about it day after day isn’t really going to change that fact.

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Fourms=doomerville :skull_and_crossbones:

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I have seen more upbeat funerals.

yeah because stupid honing rates
ilvl 1363 honing fail 220
i buy prate coins, blodstone, and event material buying week
only 2 pieces upgrade it’s sheet now waiting after week :slight_smile:
i 1370 maybe 2 week later. it’s so boring im now only chaos after abysal and daily after quit
total 2 hours in game

maybe not join game after day i dont no it’s boring game
i dont see argos. only video see :slight_smile:

In my opinion, the limited materials the game gives you overwhelm the players. People will endure it to a certain extent and revolt. We didn’t say this because we don’t like the game. We wanted to tell them many times for their correction. But money is more important, they already got what they wanted.

Bosses, Cube, Ghost Ship, Secret Map, How much material does it all give you?
Why don’t they give as much material as in Tier 2?

Because the Payer Accesses the Content.

Soon foci won’t have anyone to flex his p2w 1700ilvl characters over Sadge

Other than the bots I guess

100k concurrent might be when you look at just 100k as a number alone. If you look at it as a percentage its horrible. No business thinks that less than 10% rentention is good, most would consider that a failure and would work to bring that number up… Id be furious if my businesses only had that amount.

Unless for the gaming industry for some reason. You wouldnt find this in any other sector.