Why are publishing rights limited right now?

Hello. My first time posting on the forums here. I’ve read countless region lock threads in which the explanation is that Smilegate or Amazon doesn’t have rights to publish to such countries and with that in mind I have to wonder, why?

Several other games are easily published to the world, so I wanted to know why Lost Ark is one of the few exceptions to this problem despite having been in development for so long and with the support of one of the biggest companies in the world like Amazon?

What’s even more confusing is why is New World, another game from Amazon as well, have no problems with publishing rights? I respectfully say here now I don’t understand the struggles of Amazon or Smilegate in gaining these publishing rights. I’m sure they want these players to play since more players = profit. What I don’t understand is the problem of “gaining publishing rights”.

Is it a matter of the game’s monetization getting in the way? Or what? I don’t understand. I want to be educated on this so I can at least be able to understand why such things are a struggle. For now I do not understand a single thing besides “We don’t have the publishing rights to that country” and… that’s it? Not even a reason for it, it’s just like that. As if to say they tried and got rejected with no reason, or it’s not disclosable.

I would understand in the case of servers not being available but this is just one of many things that I can’t wrap my head around since not a lot of games from big names that I play are region locked because of publishing rights issues. So yeah. Hope I’ll gain some insight into this situation.

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As always: Both parties could either not agree on terms or at least one party was not interested in purchasing the rights for additional regions.

At the end of the day it always comes down to $$$. Is it worth it buying/selling rights for a certain region or not.


Some countries has banned all games with any rng boxes purchaseable from the cash store, this is the main thing why they cant publish in lets say Netherlands.

Is that so? South East Asia has been familiar with lootboxes but still it’s not here so why? Don’t think that’s the reason. Correction : I don’t think that’s the whole reason.

They have stated that it is the case for Netherlands atleast, and Ukraine is not getting a part of the EU because Mygames has that publishring right etc.

Might be several reasons, but i know that a lot of games that has any rng for real money get instantly denied publishing right in those places.

On SEA i have no idea , that might be a whole another issue all togheter.

This is somewhat understandable though I still can’t take it as an answer. I feel like if SEA or many other countries are not that profitable then I wouldn’t have been playing as much games as I have now.

I see, so they have at least disclosed some information regarding problems with publishing rights. I guess there’s some underlying things that are not your familiar problems.

They haven’t said why SEA was not included except the fact that they do not have publishing rights.

It could be money or it could be that Smilegate wants someone like Tencent or Garena to handle SEA. I beg to differ that SEA does not have a market, infact it is one of the biggest when it comes to games like Lost Ark.

People in SEA might have to wait for a year or two, but things will eventually happen for sure.

Mmm… I see. I hope it’ll come here sooner or later even if I have to go through Tencent, I’ll probably accept it but Garena is a no-go so I hope they don’t go that route. Garena is horrendous when it comes to things like these. They’ll surely ruin the game’s interest in South East Asia because of their shady client and their shady past, especially with their handling of League of Legends.

Profitable is a very relative term.

Profitable can mean A to AGS and B to Smilegate.
If A and B don’t align and AGS and Smilegate cannot come up with a reasonable, financial solution to align them then there is no deal.

That’s really simplified but basically what every business decision comes always down to.

One of the CMs specifically states that they got official oceanic publishing rights back in November. Have a look at Roxx’s replies in the massive OCE thread.

They need to make an official statement on the matter.
If its Smilegate not wanting a server in OCE, say so. Then we can pester them for it.
But from the CMs statements and the fact that New World has OCE servers (Indicating they clearly have server infrastructure down here), there’s seemingly no reason to have screwed us Oceanic players.

Its simple. It’s a business decision - you aren’t privy to the details nor should you be.

You can speculate all day but really, why waste your energy?

I’m happy we have companies like Amazon who are willing to shoulder the risk to publish in NA. we weren’t getting Lost Ark otherwise. Cheers AGS :smiley: