Why are some engravings missing from the event free engravings?

At level 4, you get some engraving bags, but they doesnt have all the engravings (some examples, its missing adrenaline and mass increase)
Is this intended?


seeing as they’re missing were normal bags aren’t my guess would be yes… you’d have to take them out of the list it’s not going to randomly happen, code doesn’t work like that

Noticed Expert (support engraving) was missing. Not sure why, either.

Apparently this event is older in Korea and the rewards were older so technically some engravings didn’t exist when they were made. Seems the rewards were never updated to present day at least that’s what I’ve seen said elsewhere and it kinda makes sense.

I could be 100% wrong it’s just one explanation I’ve heard.

Was about to ask the same.

It’s missing a total of 9 engravings. They could’ve updated it, as they did with Class Engraving Chest.

Quoting Roxx from 2h ago

" Additionally, Engraving Selection Chests earned through the Express Mission Event will be updated to contain all recipe selection options. This update will also apply to chests that you have already earned from the event, so if you have them in your inventory or storage but haven’t opened them yet, hang on until the update! "


I thought I saw patch notes a few days back about this update and yet I still have pouches with Increases Mass missing. Did the fix roll out, or did it contain bugs?

Edit: My Bad, the label is wrong in the pouch, it is called Mass Increase in the pouch.