Why are the Dark skins still behind a Paywall?

Hey @Roxx just a quick question why are the White Skins from the Arkesia Set single purchasable but the Dark skins are behind a Paywall?

Do you really have to ask?
Premium skin in the premium package.They want to milk anyone with more money then sense.

$$$ There’s your reason.

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in kr darkskins also was behind paywall, just a different one
buy 4 white skins to get a single dark

Was same in KR so you need to ask Smile Gate not AGS. I also don’t think AGS sets the prices.

So, where is that premium skin? i can see pacage, but there is only some crappy black skin there…?
This skin is 10$ in Ru btw

Premium usually just means rare/expensive.

The black skin is the premium skin.

10$ in RU but we are playing in NA where its unfortunately not 10$.

The more people who dont buy the pack, the scarcity is going to skyrocket this crappy skin in the market, only whales will be buying 3 packages and RMT gold will be used, normal players lose.

far as i can tell below in the link of 1 year anniversary

로스트아크 - 1주년 패키지 (onstove.com)

so, to be clear

arkesia honor set the black version of the cape were giving away in korea server ( 2+1 deal)

when you buy 2x of glory skin or fidelity skin and each of the skin costed 45k crystal price in kr which is about $45 and once you buy two 2x which is 90k crystal about $90.

so if you spent 90$ buying two skins + you get arkesia honor skin free as an event.

i guess you can call it premium skin as this skin were not selling in cash-shop and you can only get them if you bought 2x skin of fidelity or the glory. More like an event 2+1.

Too bad we didn’t get this skin separately in the cash-shop instead of bundle pack.

I like this deal much better. I’d rather get more skins than all the other crap they put in there.

You are going to forget about this skin in few months when we get more skins in the cash shop that are priced reasonably.

Dont worry about it, it’s all the attention and focus now, you wont even remember few months on