Why are the legion raids gettin less fun and more over the top

You first of remove our gold from Argos as you drop this over the top annoying legion raid that I’ll never ever be going back into again … vykas was already just roadkill and annoyingly designed

The further into this games endgame we seem to go the less fun lost ark becomes to even bother playing

Do the designers actually even play the game or do they just go out there was to make endgame content tedious and irritating rather than fun and enjoyable?? I can think a many boss fights in endgame games that makes you excited to be doing in other games yet lost ark lacks it bigtime


Ur saying argos is more fun than vykas ? :neutral_face:


Fun is a personal opinion. Imho Valtan was ok, Vykas is a nice raid, and Clown is yet the best. It’s so much fun, the animations and voice overs are great. Yes, it’s bad for most (including me) that we lost Argos gold as Clown is not on farm week 1 (again, just talking about the casual raider :slight_smile:), but I think the raid design of Clown is just :+1: .

If its less fun then quit, nothing else in this game going to make the game fun for you


They are more fun to do once a week on one character. They are mega less fun to do 6 times a week. Valtan is still fun to do 6 times a week. The thought of doing clown on 6 characters sends chills down my spine.


I think clown is the most fun raid yet. Not having to run argos anymore is a bonus.


I’m really enjoying the clown raid, personally, it’s flashy and there’s a lot to dodge, it reminds me of some old games I used to play.

Personally the legion raids are getting better and more fun. Only meh part is the shit design of maze in g2 that makes everyone just use discord


I mean you don’t have to use discord, you can type or use the in-game voice feature that works and sounds pretty good.

You thought about this with Vykas also, and now that is farm content.

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lol. Asking wether “the designers actually even play the game” because of a raid that initially released early 2021 :rofl:

Nah learning Clown brings me back to T1 dungeon on release
Suicide Running until we win :smiley:

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Yup fully agree with you clown is NOT fun when you don’t have a fixed static group or don’t have friends you can play with. Pugs rage quit after 2 fails and expect everyone to do everything right on the first attempt. Gate 3 especially is a fucking nightmare in pugs because there’s so many little annoying things that can make the entire run fail. Without a static, doing clown on a full roster is just impossible…

Valtan and Vykas were not nearly as bad in pugs tbh… Clown is just over the top stupid and annoying

What I’ve also noticed is that the worst players are always the most toxic ones. Whether they are 4x3 or on iLvl and have terrible DPS uptime yet they are always the first ones to get toxic and rage quit it’s actually ridiculous.

Not to mention the gatekeeping that happens for specific classes like mayhem zerk/arcana/deadeye. It’s just not fun anymore if you don’t have your own groups to run with.



Hello! Thank you for your feedback regarding the legion raids. What would you like to see added?

@Andraxx Thanks for adding to the discussion. Glad to see you’re enjoying the clown! :slight_smile:

@Kadan Heya, we appreciate your feedback regarding the new raid. Thank you for contributing to the discussion.

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The buzz saws and hooks on Gate 3 Kakul Saydon’s hit boxes do not feel consistent. It feels like it is server side, which means that there is the ping delay in determining if there was a collision between the player and the buzz saw. Something like this should NOT be server side b/c it will feel more fair if you have 0 lag and you ALWAYS get hit when you are the exact same distance from the buzzsaw every time. If this is already not a server side thing than the game needs to do checks for collisions more frequently during the buzz saw phase or something.

Also the buzz saws just magically “appearing” on the bottom of the screen rather than rising up slowly or coming from off screen is really cheap.

When you die from being hit by the buzz saws yet you are standing EXACTLY in between two of them it REALLY sucks. This is an instant wipe for the whole raid. It should be more consistent and fair. Having a “raid wipe mechanic” that can have rubber banding cause it should not be part of any game.

Certain hitboxes in this game as very sus. Unless I’m missing something significantly exploitable (not sure how many bots are gonna be running clown) MOST collision mechanics on legion raids should be client side (no lag and much more consistent).


I honestly hate doing Argos I love the raids, maybe they should do casual content for people like you to be able to have fun. I agree is not fun if you can’t do it in a few runs (not first week though, first week you need to die and die and die and die)

What we need is basically - letting us choose 3 raids that we can generate gold income. so if we got no time to do x4 clown raid we can do argo etc. the system is just annoying as you can’t choose which raid you can get gold.

In the launch of Argos, everyone in Cap lvl, it was a lot fun and challenger

hmm argos challenge raid?