Why are the mats not Rosterbound?

Vykas are here, why are the materials not rosterbound?


i cannot think of any logical reason as to why any of the mats are charatcer bound?

they should be roster bound, or atleast have a conversion rate of 2:1 or something


Yip I have quite a lot of T1 bound honing mats, that I can’t even use or get anything decent for on my main…

Think this has been brought up on many occasions with nothing being done about it though.

i think amazon should do it the same way they do it in korea. that would satisfy the players because then there would be more fairness in the game. at the moment it is unfortunately the case that the one who pays more also gets more fairness from amazon.

Because if they were Roster bound you could get your main to max level in a week lol


i dont think so, that is not so in korea either ^^

Not really? There isn’t that much T3 honing materials you can get per week that are roster bound.

If you change the bound to character to bound to roster then yeah there are a LOT of extra mats

For T1 and T2 yeah? The two teirs which everyone breezes through so why aren’t they tradeable between your roster. For T3? No. Besides the daily leapstones from chaos dungeon which is barely enough for one tap, you get a alright amount of bound materials from weekly sources like legion raids but there isn’t captial letters “lots” of T3 materials you get that are bound since pretty much all of them are tradeable anyways. At most you would be getting 3-4 extra traps from allowing those other weekly sources to be tradeable.

Not in my case, i have 9 T3 alts.

gagag imagine the materials were roster bound LuL…

i have x5 1400 alt that been there for a while and im lazyto push them further…
they each have like 150k honor shards and 1.2k+++ great leapstones

my main would love to have those lmaoo

if only materials were rosterbound… then game be truly f2p actually way too easy

Uh yeah? What’s your point? Your argument was using those bound materials with alts you could get your main to max in a week. I’m not sure what your definition of max is but using my current 1475 as a baseline, 1300 destruction a tap on weapon, 780 on armor you will esssentially be getting 3-4 extra taps a week if all 9 of your alts are doing HM Vykas and Valtan (Which give you bound materials) which I bet they won’t be so it will be less?

Now if you are talking about stuff you’ve been hoarding for months sure. That’ll provide quite a boost now. But even then if you were taking those materials and funneling them in to your main all along the end result would be the same. But what I’m talking about is weekly sources that are roster bound.

Yep. You’d be rewarded for your time and efforts playing with more honing attempts on the character you want to hone on while also helping jump start new characters towards more challenging content. I see no real problem with this at all. I’d be sending over 1k leapstones to my main because I stopped leveling my arti to switch to destroyer. My new bottleneck would be crystals (because I started honing my sub 1370 and my crystal stockpile nearly died before I noticed). If they want to create limitations and sure up Mari’s store and the market they can add more honing material levels at 1415 and then 1500 or whatever would be most appropriate. Shards and leapstones have always been my bottleneck (cuz most crystals are tradable). This would be a good change. Bet I could guarantee more players will play longer and thus warrant spending more real money with a change like this because the time it is taking me (by avoiding going completely broke buying out leapstones from market) to just hit 1415 on my destroyer is extremely demotivating, let alone the other alts I wanna level up.

why is the game called “Lost Ark” and not “P2W Ark” ?? questions over questions

Mat i can understand, since i have so many Gleap bound, but why accs need pheon when you want to trade on alts, it doesn’t make sense since in the end you have a trade limit of 3 items.

NOT everyone has so much time, also is it better when rosterbound

you dont know the koreanclient right? that is NOT to easy

I see reasons for and against it.

In support of some amount of character-bound mats, it encourages play on the alts that earn the mats. If you can’t transfer all the upgrade mats, may as well use them on that character and push ilvl a bit.

So more playtime on other characters means the players have more stuff they’re doing in-game between dungeon resets, and not have alts be purely mules. And maybe if the player becomes interested in raising their alts further, they swipe a little bit …

On the negative side, the amounts are very … odd. Sometimes you get like tiny amounts of character bound stuff like from quests, which are practically nothing.

Other things like login-rewards and event rewards being character bound are frustrating because it makes you micromanage which character claims them.

I mean, I think the main focus is having the materials follow the same roster binding principle that exists in the other versions of the game. People can say “I think it makes the game too inexpensive to play” but the principle still stands that that’s how it’s done in other regions and it does seem like a decision that would be pretty pro-player so I’m a fan of it. I just hate having so many materials that become useless on characters and clog up my storage cause my hording won’t let me destroy them from my storage :slight_smile: