Why are the servers not up yet?

At least should show the list of servers … better not go past the 4 hours

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Better they make it as long as they need to test everything on the life servers. That we don’t get many Bugs and the DC issues back again.


pretty sure something is not gonna work so they better take their time.

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They don’t have enough Viagra …

It’s supposed to come up in an hour, no?

the servers should be back on in 2 hours as they started the maintenance 2 hours ago.

servers are due up in 52 mins, relax

3 hours ago.

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They said 4hrs. It’s been 3hrs. x)

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Oh, thank you for the update! Didn’t realize.

More than 1.4 million Sorcs army on the line waiting to rush and hit 1445, day 1 ~ Lal Lal Lal Lal Lalitiiiiiiiiii :scream:

All what you just said …that’s what she said …

They started an hour earlier than usual

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Listen to this …
I have my nvidea , g-hub , windows and LA update pending right now …

Pending? as in D/L? already downloaded the patch about 1 hr ago roughly.

I just opened Steam …also had an update

Happy International Update Day …I guess

“We need to extend the scheduled maintenance for all regions. We expect the servers to be back around 6 AM PT / 2 PM CET but we will let you know as soon as we have more information to share. Thank you for your patience.” lol

now update windows also

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Yup, Im not gonna get baited. gonna sleep. ty for that

not a bait tho