Why are there so many Artillerist robot now? Who can tell me?


Cheating through thronespire for legendary engraving books at ilvl 1325.

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What your talking about people just clearly enjoy artillerist :smirk:


Is that true?

basically bots are trying to use other classes to avoid the automatic bans. They are probably testing how to avoid them more efficiently.


This might not relate but this give me a flash back of an old mmo that also had trains of big cannon bots on the ostrich that rampant every where in the game. It didnt end well, hope ags could find a solution soon

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Hopefully AGS will take this seriously, they’ve been cheating on Thronespire for over a month now, and they’ve been reporting it back for over a month, and it’s getting worse instead of better. This is something we do not want to see

They’re mainly used to cheat through thronespire.

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They are cheaters :shushing_face:

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:thinking: :thinking:

That’s exactly what I thought it would be

That’s me and my other 29 siblings we are not robot.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Artillerist clears thronespire faster for bots i guess KEKW

Man, that game was my favorite MMO :confused:

I heard that in the case of cheating, just normal attack will be BAN, but Artillerist on fort fort attack after attack, do not calculate for cheating in the video, so you can see some of them sat on after the battery output is very high.

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So do I

cuz it’s AGS they never care about botting they are just saying we care but pffffttt the bot always comeback at the same pattren … now the bot are using demage hack on thronespire for book and selll all the book @Roxx @Shadow_Fox

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