Why are there so many RMT whales?

What’s the fun in the game when u just RMT and buy every gear to cheese through most content? There’s zero challenge

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Because those people are shit at video games.

Those are the same people that push grudge meta and run it on every alt yet dont use potions because they wipe 5-10 hours at valtan on their main with 1460,+.


They need to add a /split emote for these ppl


different people enjoy different things about an experience.

For some people, fun is figuring out how to get and pursue progress, For others its about a feeling of power, for others its moment to moment gameplay.

I dont spend on power, or progress, but the game is less entertaining when you are offensively weak, and really unfun when your build is half assed. Playing on a charachter with 4 engravings, built to work together and make your playstyle gel is way more entertaining than say playing a 1325-1369 alt with poor synergy. Point is, its actually more fun to be strong in this game. I enjoy a challenge in games, but not the challenge of more HP, or debilitated movement, longer cooldowns, etc.

So some people want to play the game at its most entertaining, without as much set up.

Others play for the feeling of power, how its obtained is irrelevant.

and lastly, the game design, is such thats its frustrating, and the only realistic way to alleviate that frustration is to spend. Fail a hone that you should statustically have succeeded? well you can pay to get over the hump. Frustrated you get no good engravings from a weekly limited raid? swipe.

Basically the monetization is designed to make people spend, so its not really surprising that people spend.

mostly f2pers lack the resources to spend, enjoy ‘beating’ the progression system, or have a resistance to the concept/morality of paying to win, or some combination of those. The natural response to this game design is probably to whale