Why are tradable resources from the AH resalable, but bound materials remain bound?

I see people here every day complaining about “gold” itself and that you can’t give many materials to your other characters.

This is exactly what tempts people to “scam” each other.

All prices in Auction House would be much more humane if you A. Couldn’t resell anything and B. Couldn’t sell anything. If you could just use up all the materials.

So people often tend to make each other’s lives difficult and then flip resources and sell them for 2 to 3 times.

With Engraving books this was already prevented a good half year ago … why not also with resources?

It would then also entice fewer people to buy gold somewhere externally (which still make far too many).

And so NOBODY would have the feeling that there is too little gold, if everything would simply be cheaper in the AH