Why are we getting 7 pouches instead 8 in legendary maps?

This is getting out of control. Sometimes I even get 1 pouch in blue maps instead of 4. Sometimes 3, and in legendary maps it’s always 7 instead 8 in two out of three maps.

This is obviously a bug because I read in another post with a CM replied “the material loot table for those maps are not rng based, but a fixed amount”

So what the hell is going on here actually? Because it’s been going on for months now.

Hi there @Dreddmeister, welcome to the forums.

Thank you for reaching out regarding this issue.

This issue seems to be something really specific which we don’t have troubleshooting steps and I do believe requesting an escalation with our developers might be the best option.

Would you mind contacting us via a live channel whenever you are available please? We need some personal information and logs from you which is why we cannot handle it on a public forum.

You can reach us using the following link:

I do want to thank you for your understanding and patience.