Why are we playing on an older version of Lost Ark?

All you then for not wanting to be informed of what happened in the past. Ignorance is a bliss as they say. Internet is always there for you to fact check things but if you don’t want to that’s on you.

Sorry but you provided a claim with no evidence and then asked me to go look it up myself.

You don’t seem that informed if you have no proof :person_shrugging:

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Here you go, an example of people saying T3 would be too fast and overwhelming if it were to be here on launch. They did ask for it, sorry. I know I sound hostile, but my point is that the western audience did QQ about T3 being too soon, about guardians being too hard, about abyss dungeons being too hard.

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That thread got 12 likes with 15k views, most of the comments are obvious trolls. Is this people’s “proof”?

It feels like nowadays everyone wants their handheld and can’t bother using 5 seconds to look stuff up.

There you go. Stay lazy. Oh btw, there were way more threads and comments. I just could not bother looking it up. If you want more stuff look it up yourself. That’s it from me to you though.

The first post literally got 0 upvotes, even the community rejected it as a troll.

Your second link literally has nothing to do with the topic of conversation.

Show me a post that is high profile and supports an older version of LA, that people liked a lot so much that AGS said “Ok, we’re gonna cripple NA launch with some 2008 version of a 2019 game based on this popular community feedback.”


I could understand end game being hold. Now classes? If they arrive with virtually no changes compared to KR why hold then? Its a stupid decision by either AGS or Smilegate. I want to know who is the genius behind this decision, CM if possible call whoever thought this a twat in the most polite manner.

If someone come with the smooth brain excuse that they didn’t had all the classes in the release of their versions, well breaking news they already changed all the class line up to our release.


It matters because it’s a damn different game already.

Go play KR version then. Use VPN.

There’s a load of stuff that wasn’t available on 2019 release. This is a hybrid release as in Ok these things happened after releases went live like this so we will adjust that to avoid or embrace when we do Western Release which Classes are a whole separate matter.

How is it a different game? Lost Ark is already a game, it’s only being published in the West :man_facepalming:

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Feel free to sum up the differences. I’m not doing that.

They’re easy to see.

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Lost Ark already is an existing game is my point, they’re only publishing it here. Your argument is:

Why do you believe the NA version is some completely different game than the original game that’s just being published and ported over to the West? That’s literally the entire purpose of a publisher.

It just is. It’s like that with any mmorpg we adopt from the east. I didn’t play Lost Ark KR so I’m not gonna comment on that, but Russian Lost Ark was also 6 to 12 months behind on KR for the longest time. The content already existed, why did Russia not have it? Dno, ask KR. Lost Ark 2.0 came out with their new flashy Paladin class, and then Japan’s Lost Ark came out and was immediately in 2.0. However Russia remained in 1.0 for many more months to come. That’s just how it is sadly.

B&S we were behind on KR as well, MS2 we were behind on KR as well, BDO too. List goes on. Dno why we act surprised now with Lost Ark.

Russia Lost Ark is propped by NA people wanting to play Lost Ark, LA scene there instantly vanished as soon as EU/NA dropped because it was more or less a waiting room for the more popular regions to open up.

The idea of publishing an existing game is to port it over truthfully, meaning not to remove things or edit things that have already been resolved prior.

The issues plaguing this game which AGS/SG acknowledged via their PR letters could’ve been prevented had they just released the actual version of the game.


There are changes already made on Western Release.

For one example since you have real hard time to notice, and a particular one I do not like is censorship on equipments and skins

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Right but why are you arguing against me? This was not something I made a point about because I agree with you lol, the changes make no sense. We should’ve just gotten the actual true version of the game.


You gotta ask them, maybe it was Smilegate’s idea all along.


I skimmed that old thread and I gotta say I’m glad we didn’t get the extremely gimped version of only T1/T2. I personally can’t understand why people thought that would be a good idea.

Maybe if AGS/SG had a solid roadmap laid out for us soon after launch, that may have worked. Can’t imagine the pain if we were stuck in T1/T2 with no roadmap. Hell, even the T3 we got wasn’t enough content for some people who already completed the horizontal progression too :rofl:

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Yes that’s exactly what would’ve happened. And to be honest I’ve done everything pre nerf and I didn’t fail a single guardian raid even once all the way to t3.

People complaining on the difficulty of the guardians raids and abyssal dungeon lets me puzzled, as 99% of people I see even in t3 has no clues about engraving and tripod at all.

The content isn’t hard at all, the way people play the game make it hard.

  • doesn’t learn about engravings
  • weak point skills / stagger skills
  • counterattacks
  • tripods
  • etc

If people would’ve taken the time to read the tutorials , and actually watch some video/ guide on how to build … But oh well.

When I see people running for 25s as a paladin to use holy book then run again for 25s … never attacking, buffing, shielding … i can see how people find the content hard.

When I deal 40% of the damage in a 8 man party of t3s in abyssal dungeon … You’re really wondering what the F people are doing … And imagine if I wasn’t there. And thats t3 people doing a t2 dungeon … Imagine t2s toon lol.

People need to get better at the game, not the game to be easier.

While I agree of the lack of content for 1340-1370, amazon also declared they made a mistake with argos.

I am waiting eagerly for the roadmap, but I really hope they stick to lost ark initial difficulty and not nerf every single things .


Hi, veteran WoW player here, and currently active player;

I just wanted to go on record and correct the idea that WoW is good. It’s in a horrendous spot right now. It is unable to follow its own blueprint. As far as content is concerned, this game - right now, even with all the problems - is still more fun to me than WoW.