Why are we treating this version like a Global Lost ark

This is the NA/EU version, not the global release. Why are you guys begging for those outside these two regions to get access? Wait till you get a server, till then, ban all IP’s outside of NA/EU


They’re going to ignore this post. They miss their backdoor way into our servers

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Makes no sense to me, every other region locks its self to only their region IP’s and no one batted an eye. Russia was the only one who did not care about VPN but that can change over night. Our server should IP ban anyone not in NA/EU. Simple fix.


People would die just for smuggle themselves into Europe / NA

Do you see anyone who would rather die and smuggle themselves into China / Africa ?

Seriously, every normal sane person knows why

I dont care that they want access. Im saying dont give it to them, who cares where they are trying to come from, the game is for NA/EU. Im tired of having issues in game due to bots from other counties, ban them all and anyone who buys from them.

They should be asking amazon for their own servers and not tryna backdoor their way into ours. NA west has so many foreigners

Well I don’t know why Amazon refuse to ban them / enforce the phone number real ID stuff either

I’m just a lost soul who’s been given birth by a human trash loser parents in one of that shit asia place ( can’t read Korean and don’t have friend in korea )but I have managed to have friend in usa so I don’t care either
Just don’t ban ip lol

I am from EU no issue with logging in and playing the game whatsoever, but I dont see how the VPN ban helps? Bots are already back into the game, nothing changed like seriously absolutely nothing.

The only ones that were affected are LEGIT players who play from other regions that might be a little bit more empty compared to ours or straight up being from NA/EU and use vpn since they might had lag issues ( yes for some people this works).

So overall what AGS did so far is : Reduce Legitimate Players, Bots were not affected, just have a walk around any T1/2 area same shit, bots everywhere.


dont forget, bots are ur friends :rofl:
soon 1g for mats


This will happen eitherway no matter how many bots there are around.

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Are you playing NA/EU outside of either one of those?

ofc just faster xD

idk what amazon was thinking that VPN would help… there is always a way to go around.
they will lose always like that vs them

Just strange NA West has the most bots and also the most foreigners using VPNS

chinese people have probably a better ping in NA ?

Because bots use cheap and free tunneling solitions and so the west is easier for them to access ping wise. A lot of them coming from west of the states.

Amazon tacitly allows non-NA/EU to play because they also bring in money, not just you people. It’s a way for them to have a “global release” without having to have the right for it. You’re not very bright, are you?

as an Australian player wanting to get better ping this is why!!
I get 140ping with exitlag and 180-190 ping without…40ping not a big deal but that is 20% faster response.
Dont forget about us aussies…this just makes the argument for oceanic servers more realistic.


Another thread by someone who just wants to argue stupid points they don’t actually care about.

Then dont complain when they ban VPN usage, they allowed you in and you took the risk, oh well. Regardless of TOS breaking or not, this server wasn’t meant for those players, and if they need to leave in order for a better experience for those in region so be it.

Stupid post from the OP. This IS a global version covering a wide range of countries who SG / AGS have said are openly allowed to play. Entire NA, OCE, and SEA regions are all 100% allowed. However due to server costs and management it’s not feasible to open servers in every region. Since NA has the US and a huge Player base of likely players they will always be the goto point for server hosting which means further away countries as well as those with a crappy traffic route to the US will always suffer lag.

Stop being an entitled American fool and realize the gaming world isn’t all about you.