Why are we treating this version like a Global Lost ark

Says right there, there is no OCE server, you can access NA but dont claim it as yours, its the same as having a ticket to a movie, your allowed in but the theater does not belong to you.

It doesn’t belong to you either lol


The post someone already posted only includes SA countries as those able to access. Where does it say asian counties will be able to access the game? Or Russians by that matter? The allowed counties allowed have a similar native language to NA/EU. Makes sense to allowed them to enter, but they cant claim ownership or that they deserve special treatment such as being allowed to use a VPN(against TOS even if you dont like it).

Oh look a ToS andy.


Im born and raised in NA. I have full access without needing to use any programs to alter my ping or to even log in, so I ask you, was this game not meant for me? Am I not the target audience?

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Oh look someone who is upset that there are rules. RMT is against TOS, you okay with that one? Stop cherry picking.

I think the biggest issue is they did it without anouncement or any explanation of how its going to work. Its only part of a step to acheive the goal but people want results now. Not that i have issue with them doing so but does feel bad for those who love the game and can no longer play.


You dont own the NA server. You have as much right to that server as any allowed nation.


there is a note that mentioned they will consider a oceanic server i mean this could be one of the reasons for them to consider that is all im pointing out.
Very doubtful but there is always hope :slight_smile:

Im not allowed on the KR server, Japan server. So if you aren’t in NA or EU or in the regions allowed in, dont beg for it, I have no pity for you.

No one cares about pity from somebody that cares about nobody but themselves.


Should they be blocked / denied access is the question, no one is asking if it’s against ToS. For example, using dps meters is against ToS in ff14 but no one is banned or denyed access to the game for using them.

ToS isn’t a protection for end users, it’s a protection for the company implemening the ToS
ToS is basically a document that allows a company to make any changes they like and not be held liable for the outcomes of those changes if they effect the end user (except in the most extreme of cases).

It doesn’t mean those changes are fair and ethical, simply that the company implemening them aren’t liable for the losses and inconveniences they may cause.

Withot ToS, players now denied access would likely have a valid legal claim. That fact alone shows you where the ethical decision lies.
If you use the service you forgo certain rights normally afforded to you without such an agreement, thus… terms of service.

Then stop flooding the forums with your tears, at most those using VPN are less than 5% of the playerbase, oh well those 5% get fucked for a better experience for the ones with no issues sounds good to me. Wait for your server, till then stop trying to ruin ours so you can join. You know how those Q times in NA west can go away? Ban all IPs not in NA West or OCE. Easy fix.

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They do ban for using them in ff14, unless you keep it and the data to yourself. E.g not saying anything about it in chats, etc.

They passively allow there use and have even suggested as such

It’s a grey area, and you will be banned if it ends up in toxicity

Stop taking the bait. The OP just wants to argue. Just flag the thread and move on.

I dont disagree with that.

So you just proved the point, VPN is against their TOS so if they ever end up banning it, guess what people should not complain that they were able to access the game now they are not. Its in their TOS, you knew about it and still played. Sucks for those who took the risk but they knew the risk.

Theirs no way to tell whose using VPNs to bot so it makes sense why they’re blocking it all together