Why are we waiting until last minute to know if vykas is coming on Thursday?

As the title says, I’m unsure why we still need to wait until last minute to find out these things, didn’t the past 2 roadmaps say we would be provided release information a bit further in advance?

I do have to add here, this isn’t a post to attack any of AGS or the staff that work on the forums, it’s a genuine question as I feel like this is stuck with us going in circles every month


Accept that we’ll only find out if a patch is coming a few hours before the patch comes. It’s not surprising at this point because it has happened again and again. It’s no big deal.

The reason is because it’s supposed to come Thursday but they might have found issues or QA is not finished yet. Once they validate the patch they’ll tell us when it’s coming.

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probably because it’s not coming out this week? we’ve had 2 weeks to get ready for valtan. what makes you think AGS will back track and drop vykas on us with one day notice


Yes i don’t understand it either, please give us some infos @Roxx @Shadow_Fox :cry:

It’s a Bot ark tradition something will never change and this is one of those things.

the real question is, does it even matter?

Unfortunately we are not clear to share a release date yet. As soon as we can, we will let you all know.

This week’s patch will not include the June update


Ok so next week, thanks


Take your time to give us the best experience as possible!

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So, not that Thursday, right?(just asking)

Is there a minimum timeframe, like 1 or 2 weeks?

The roadmap mentioned communication would be much better, so that means we should get a longer heads-up right?

Because if we are getting surprise mechanics again, then it will be hard to defend the company statement.


You’ll never get actual update notes earlier than the day before.



not clear to share release date when its coming this freaking month and we are already half way through the month ? what on earth is going on over there


We are still moving towards a June Update, which means that it would come this month/in the next few weeks, yes.


The roadmap mentioned communication would be much better

Ay bro share some of that COPIUM you got


Thanks for the info! News will be spreading now.

Ah yes. A June update coming in June. Thank you for that enlightening update.


“Well 30th of June is still June” - Amazon.

Everytime, at this we should stop calling it June or July updates, if you can’t deliver


Then why bother hyping people up saying “mid june mid june mid june” if it’s, in fact, not mid june…

Just stick to “June update” next time instead of raising expectations.


Yeah but it’s probably going to be this Thursday and it will be announced Wednesday night, it was the same with Argos and valtan