Why are we waiting until last minute to know if vykas is coming on Thursday?

Such an answer requres authorisation from people higher up in the company. Roxx is telling you No without getting herself into trouble.

Read between the lines.

I would like to know why they always have a problem and never keep their word… At least give more information about what is coming, which legendary skins are coming etc etc

“We are still moving towards a June Update, which means that it would come this month/in the next few weeks, yes.” You haven’t read this, right?

we got valtan info 2 days before the release aswell, lets wait and chill guys, its not like we can change something about it

So you tell the community that communication will be a lot better going forwards.

Then you tell us to expect the update mid June. Mid-June rolls around and now you’re “not clear to share a release date” what happened to that increased communication was it just a lie to placate us all?.

Just tell us its not ready, or tell us we can expect it this month. I’ve defended this game again and again here and on other forums but its just getting to the point where it feels like nobody at AGS even knows what’s going on.

I’ve never played an online game where you did know about patches MONTHS in advance, but here you seem to think its fine to keep the community in the dark about everything this is crazy… people are not going to just keep putting up with playing the game and not knowing when anything is coming.

Whoops, it wasn’t clear in my first post, thanks. Edited.


You missed around.
around mid june.

No no 16th in 1st week. Are u kidding me? It is start of the june.

It has nothing to do with that.

AGS chooses not to communicate anything and then all of a sudden when people start complaining rushes things with “hype marketing” or whatever the fuck they called it. Or burries stuff in the forums instead of using the proper channels.

It’s just not how you do it, period.

You pick a date, and stick to it, mid June isnt at the end of June.
Yes it can be delayed ocasionally but not every (reasonable sized) content patch.

Valtan would have been delayed aswell if the community didnt push back on it. Initially they want to do so because of “gamebreaking bugs”.

(Nothing personal from me to anyone from AGS or the CM’s but i will call out their constant excuses)

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What exactly needs to be planned out for attempting a new raid?

“Hey guys, Vykas this weekend? We going blind or did you look at some vids?”

I have a suggestion for those of you who are so stuck on the fact that they gave you a loose idea of when something will drop (typically referred to in the gaming industry as a ‘roadmap’) - these dates are always a “best case scenario”. If you haven’t noticed the flames rising from the forums, there are other things that probably have their attention at the moment.

Let them actually try and get a patch right for once instead of trying to get them to push broken shit on us while also waiting in queue for 3 hours just to play said broken game.

Yea I saw the other post a bit after I wrote that, I get it, I really do. And I do know you’re doing the best you can with what you’re given to work with, which does not seem like it’s a whole lot. I know this decision isn’t yours but I just wish management would choose to be more transparent.

(Just saw you edited to say it’s not this week, thanks for that)

Just as a side note, nothing I said is meant in a hostile manner towards you, it’s mainly just frustration with everything that has been going on. And I’m sure it’s frustrating for you too so I do appreciate the effort you put in.

Why are you guys so heated? If they were planning on June 16th, they would have literally said June 16th in the roadmap. Mid June is anytime between the last and first week.


Mid june @Roxx

I mean, there never was going to be a new class in june.

GG Amazon

Why on other server they announce release date weeks before the update but here player have to ask almost every week about release date.

@Roxx i think the next “patch” announce should be “This Month” not “Mid” or “Early” :smiley: This Community is ____ Fill the Blank by Yourself and it’s right :rofl: wish u a good day/evening.

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Forum text is hard that way. It was a little of both. Honestly laughing about this stuff as its the same thing every content release. Hype, semantics in communication from team, consume, repeat.

this s NA/EU we’re talking about here. It’ll never be fine, land of the free , home of the crybabies

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