Why are we waiting until last minute to know if vykas is coming on Thursday?

Why is it so difficult to tell the community as to when the update is planned to drop? Every person out there knows the update could be delayed by a week or so…

I remember you saying you wouldnt tell people because of speculation and disapointment, but wth, its you guys pumping out comments like “somewhen June” or “we dont have a date yet” that makes people angry and disapointed, when infact you DO have a date but dont know if you make it. Saying it is supposed to come this week, but cant garantue, is completly sensible to say.

This weird way of no communicating dates because you fear the reaction is the absolute pinnacle of needlesness and just doesnt match the reality.

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It’s gonna be late june, too predictable

BTW, all of you people crying… KR doesnt even get a heads up, they get it when they get it. Calm down. play the game, appreciate the surprise when something comes out. Or… quit? and leave? Good riddance. Go back to final furry 14 and ERP damn weirdos

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Sweet siren song of the end. The Final Days…

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I’ve never seen so many people failing to understand the notion that the earlier you get release information, the less accurate it’s going to be.

Bro just because a game is already made in a different country doesn’t mean they can just ctrl+c/ctrl+v the coding and throw their hands up in success lmao

Don’t comment on things you don’t understand, there’s enough of that going on in this thread as it is

When will AGS/SG starting to take the bot problem serious and lock the Server? Streamer also suggesting the same what we already have been doing for the last couple of weeks. Its time to act.

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Can you at least confirm anything for this Thursday?


To be fair they couldn’t even be bothered to do quality localization for the base version so I would imagine for AGS, yes it would be hard to copy-paste.

KR also doesn’t have ruined economy, bot infestation and server queues.

If everything else was fine, people wouldn’t be frustrated about content release date. Ever thought of that?

So much rage. Love forum in this time of month.

I wish if I can pull up my sheet music here and play song of tranquility to the CM 5 times, so that they can tell us the exact date

Yeah regular downtime 2-4 Hours. Your Thursday Daily Weekly Routine. Confirmed? Ofc.

It’s crazy right? Almost like KR giving exact release dates months ahead of time and sticking to it. Silly notions…

i really hope your plan goes off and you update this thursday! i cant wait to beat vykas and enjoy new content. waited so long for it… maybe it was just a month but… still! patiently waiting every day with great anticipation!

Imagine you miss your deadline because you couldn’t ctrl+c and ctrl+v in time.

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NO, I want to know if they are even planning an update for this Thursday. If they can’t provide dates they should do it on the 23rd and cancel any plans on this Thursday if they can’t provide us any information.

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Kr don’t give release dates at all actually.

And you can’t compare their stuff to ours.

We’re not getting anything that’s not been out for a long time on their version. It’s not a new content release.

I can’t tell if you’re agreeing with me or sarcastically believing that this is actually how KR LOA works.