Why are we waiting until last minute to know if vykas is coming on Thursday?

Why are you guys so heated? If they were planning on June 16th, they would have literally said June 16th in the roadmap. Mid June is anytime between the last and first week.


Mid june @Roxx

I mean, there never was going to be a new class in june.

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Why on other server they announce release date weeks before the update but here player have to ask almost every week about release date.

@Roxx i think the next “patch” announce should be “This Month” not “Mid” or “Early” :smiley: This Community is ____ Fill the Blank by Yourself and it’s right :rofl: wish u a good day/evening.

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Forum text is hard that way. It was a little of both. Honestly laughing about this stuff as its the same thing every content release. Hype, semantics in communication from team, consume, repeat.

this s NA/EU we’re talking about here. It’ll never be fine, land of the free , home of the crybabies

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I really don’t see a problem with giving estimated dates and then say a week before if the date can be realized. I think that the community would be much more forgiving this way then these half baked answers. (no offense Roxx)

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People have every right to be outraged because the state of the game right now is ridiculously bad.

Just stop.


Answer is BOTS.

Clear enough?

you should tell your team , that in the future they shouldnt give any infos in the roadmap when content is coming… just do the same like korea and just release stuff, they never know whats coming and when… they are still hyped

Games unplayable my guy. Of course people are going to be pissed. Look at the forums, you rarely see a positive post and the game is getting review bombed on steam because of how broken the game is.


we are working group. We need to find a time we can all come together and it’s different each week. Sometime it requires to squeeze other thing into one day, or, since it isn’t this week, we already have argoses/valtan and other guild activities planned (people who are left behind already know, so they are looking for other groups for the next week)… you know, planning.

If you are still of the age when you just call your friends and go to the cinema in 5minutes, good for you. I will need to schedule my work around Vykas a bit.

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Yeah but at least New World was garbage from the start.

Unplayable? Why? :slight_smile: I mean i can play the whole Game/Day without any DC or Error etc? You can’t do Progress ? No?

Yeah @Roxx. The NA community doesn’t deserve updates. Just drop the content with no notice. If you throw them any updates ahead of time, they all just turn into Amber Heard

Except the “roughly mid june” thing was said by you…yesterday. Things have changed in less than 24 hours so much? Plus pretty much everyone knew since last week that patch won’t come this Thursday, since we had no official date, and if it was to come, we would have had a date about a week prior, as usual. So you saying “mid june” yesterday was an outright lie, and even tho personally I had no expectations whatsoever and I’m not really angry, I can understand why others are.