Why are you releasing Valtan hardmode?

Pls AGS show us your metrics on player item level to explain to us why you think releasing Valtan hardmode at this time is a good idea. I myself play every day and work a normal job and I’m 1415. You said specifically that you did not want to rush players but you’re doing exactly that. If you keep up releasing content for whales then you’ll lose the majority of players. This shit may be acceptable for Korea but not in the US.


Why are you feeling rushed? Do you really HAVE to do every sliver of content on day one?


Yeah I don’t get it
Its not like content will run away or be obsolete


Why do you care?

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Is this content pug-able? Or do this many people have a static that they can clear new content day 1?

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I also don’t understand this logic at all… the more content the better!

I can’t do all of the available content today with my main at 1392, and it doesn’t make me salty at all. Just something to look forward to!


BEcause if he can’t play it then no one else can.


Hard mode is a mid-long term objective, normal mode is the thing most players should be able to do at launch.


No one cares if you can’t do it day1, no one have the right to demand so, if you can it’s ok otherwise play and don’t cry thank a lot


Nobody is rushing you or anyone else to do anything. That’s your choice if you do. Wait, what’s that? I am claiming you are personally responsible for what you do with your time and life rather than blaming others? Weird, I know.

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So ppl like me who won the honing lottery can take advantage of it and exploit the whales for gold

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The people in here defending whales and Amazon predatory practices SMH


I know that selling things in a FOMO environment has definitely caused insane progression for the people who got there early. It sucks to not get there, but know that getting there early DOES have long term progression attached to it.

The people who got to T3 and 1370 REALLLLLY early, had gotten several hundred thousand more gold than others who got there late. I got there late but still was able to get a small piece of the free gold before it vanished.

Same idea with Valtan and relic accessories and +4 tripods and Valtan runs. That’s an extraordinary amount of FOMO money that lowers in value each day.

So yes, people are not entitled to that content on day one, but you betcha there’s still a long term reason to get there early.


if you don’t like game deisgn just quit, don’t know why you are raging about it xDDD

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you realise if they wait for everyone to get there no one will make big money right ?


I also realize there isn’t a need to wait for everyone to get there.

By the logic of the replies of you guys AGS should just not have a release schedule and release all content at once. Right now. 1575 content. Just give us the KR client. Right? stupid

Ah yes, we love to compare regions but only when it benefits us. Is it really them rushing us or YOU feeling rushed? Im not even CLOSE to 1415 and I still am excited for the valtan release. You literally can participate on raid release, AND the rewards aren’t even that drastic.

the more content the better. i always fail to understand why people complain about more content being available. i personally can’t do Valtan yet cause i’m 1370+ but it’s nice to know that i can do it once i reach the required ilvl.


There’s a bit of post in your entitlement.

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