Why are you so poor and gold starved?

Let me explain. All the people complaining about having no gold are the same type of people who complain that they’re making no money putting their money in their (real life) savings account. Should’ve went to school.

There is a market for a reason utilize it. Lul

Where exactly is this LA school, as I’d like to attend…

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It’s the “I play 8h a each day cuz I’ve no irl” school.


Hol up. I’m gold poor but have a lot of savings and investments. So you’re saying I should be depleting real-world resources all this time?


you mean im gold starved cause i dont use rmt like most ppl do now ? what a news


It is because they dont play a lot and use all their materials to hone rather than sell.

Honestly, most people on average arent the best when it comes to finances. Hence why the average american has less than $1000 in their bank account.

It is the same as MMOs. People spend spend spend rather than save.


Nailedd it right on the spot

If you think you need RMT to make gold in this game, then MMOs might be too hard for you mate


I was broke as hell until I got to 1470 on my main and stopped honing
Now my gold just keeps piling up :wink:

I found the guy who puts his money in his savings account. Haha yeah he has no idea he thinks RMT is the solution

You clearly have comprehension problems. You probably think your 50K investment is alot kek.

Damn. Im sorry I wasnt born rich.

Nah they’re probably playing 1 character and are still honing at ilvl 1350 with 0 alts. Of they’d struggle with getting gold!

Yes let’s just turn everything into a job, why play to further yourself along when you can sell honing materials for gold that’s ultimately pointless unless you’re progressing… That’s the type of mentality that creates bot farms, let’s turn every part of our life into a money making scheme… Why play for fun when I can make gold… I play games to have fun, not to “maximize my investment”. I don’t have really have gold issues in this game but this is one shit take. Instead of trying to better players gold habits just berate them, call them poor and stupid… That’ll help the situation. “Instead of playing how you enjoy the game play how I enjoy the game just for profit.”


Korean MMO with a free market. You better play the market unless you want to grind a lot or have a lot of disposable money.

Open a go fund me instead money ask for gold.

He’s not wrong. I’ve always sold all my unbound mats, have only 1 character, 55k in the bank, ilvl 1424 (with a +20 weap hehe), and 400 hours playtime.

Do you guardians and twisting gates (always win the legendary auction), sell the mats, and only upgrade when you have full boost.

I admit I’m at a wall now where I have to consider running an alt or opening the wallet as its getting difficult to get enough boosts in a timely fashion.

chill out mang, we get it? for you losing, being poor in a game is fun

so why do poor people always complain then? if that’s their fun

You can’t read can you? I don’t have problems with gold in this game but sure ignore that for a stupid comment trying to make fun of poor people. I’m glad I wasn’t born into money if that’s the kind of personality you get from it.

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They gotta learn one way or another. Rather it being in game than real life. People aren’t taught about finances which translate heavily in game.

Poor American people maybe one day they’ll be out of debt