Why are you still lying about skins? Just say the truth that you want to take it slowly to make more money. It would be more respectable

Even if I accept what you are saying that “They need to be rigged for the new classes” that’s still a really bad excuse.

How long would rigging take? Maybe 1 hour per skin per character for 1 artist? 2 hours tops?
It would not take months. let’s not be ridiculous.

It’s like Amazon has this intrinsic need to lie to the community instead of being transparent.
Literally say the truth “The roadmap isn’t coming any time soon, it’s not going to come at all because we are constantly changing our future plans to maximize monetization”, “The skins will be staggered in order to maximize monetary gains”.

It’s not like anyone is fooled. We know those are the true reasons. Just be honest for once. And I’m not talking to the CMs, for all I know Amazon is lying to them aswell and they truly believe that’s what’s going on.


Yeah I am not buying it either. I find it impossible that 2 big and successful companies haven’t prepared the cosmetic system ahead of time. How do you mess something like this up? And how do you also mess up your first big patch of the game which is a repeat of a mistake that cost LA in Korea a lot of players? It has to be out of reasons that cannot be said out loud.


What’s more funny is how some people actually do believe them.


Even newest 1.april post is just copypasta, without any concrete information.
There is no roadmap, because there is no plan other then budget line.

You are killing your milking cow amazon, by pushing to hard.

lol its not enough to milk the cow they have to slaughter it for the meat.


if u think they’d release every skin ever at once. you are mistaken and lacking IQ aswell

This cow is already dead bruv.

Only people who are going to stick around for this Clown Show are people who have spent real money on their characters and can’t throw the towel in now because they want to see if they can get their investment back in playtime.

Or people who are just oblivious to the reality of the state of the game, the issue is AGS has a terrible track record with bringing games back from a slump. New World is dead, it will never bounce back, maybe if they go full F2P with it and change up the game a ton they could … but let’s be honest here.

My biggest issue with Lost Ark is the vapid and pointless content. I log in, do the 12 daily missions I have that take like 20min to do all together… then try my hardest to muster up interest in grinding the daily Chaos and Guardians…

The game is fun in the start, you can get a solid 500 or so hours out of it if you adventure and goof around. After that, you just see this beast for what it is, a hollow shell of an MMO with burst content that is designed for people with the attention span of a mosquito.

Really long tittle, you should learn how to make it properly

The game is fun in the start, you can get a solid 500 or so hours out of it if you adventure and goof around. After that, you just see this beast for what it is, a hollow shell of an MMO with burst content that is designed for people with the attention span of a mosquito.

or people who are dedicated for a good game. and no game hoppers that cant play a game for more then 2 weeks straight without getting burned out.

did you uninstall yet? good!

First time trying to troll people?

Not every class has to have a version of the same outfit, I’m just so deeply confused by this decision. The only explanation I can possibly come up with is releasing the same skin down the line for the added classes goes against the “drip feed” method of making the skins limited time only. If players know the outfit will come back for the new classes then they won’t FOMO panic-buy. I’m grasping at straws here.

We already have skins in the game that are exclusive to certain classes, it’s really not hurting our feelings that not every class can wear the same clothes.

There are so many of us that collect cosmetics in games, with nothing to buy. It’s frustrating to say the least. I like the game and I’ve been having fun exploring new areas with my friends but it’s a bummer none of us have an assortment of cool outfits by now like we have in other games. I’ve just got my founders plat skin and I’m saving up providence stones for more skins so my alts have something cute to wear that isn’t the same thing.

how much money they HAVE ALREADY LOST and continue to do because they arent releasing the Korean classes and skins. The person who decided to hold that back as hundreds of thousands of people left looks really silly now.

People who dont play the game dont buy skins…evrry day the player count drops. they are really messing up a great game


This patch note must be an April Fool joke right.

I was, but now I know the truth and I am not giving a damned euro until they’ll make better this game.

Amazon ruines every single thing that it touchs. Stop this shiet. Go ahead and leave games because it’s not your deal!!

well the way you talk about the game i thought you’d be long gone. or is someone forcing you to play a game you dont even like?

They shouldve just giving lost ark to my games to publish it eu/na tbh

They already work with em in ru so knowledge is their

Can make better contract for less changes especially not the no f2p lvl boost that ru doesnt have etc

Ru handles the game better tbh it’s basically just patch it from kr not change 24/7 kek

but yeah i understand probably amazon gave more stonks to sg

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Nope like the game just fine, doesn’t mean I can’t be critical AF about it.


Clearly they should release all skins now so that you can buy them and delay actual content like Valtan to like June. Also keep injecting tons of mats, because you’re still 1358 and sank tons of hours into the game.

how much $$ spent so far?

They keep insisting on this really… There are skins, like the omen ones, that require no modifications at all for the current classes.