Why are you upset about cosmetics but not about grudge?

The reason grudge is so expensive it’s because it’s exclusive. Not a single other engraving gives that much value.

The same is with the wallpaper. You are given a limited time to get it and it’s the only wallpaper that lets you see your character ass.

Also there is one more misconception. Why do you think the coomer skins will be cheap ? Personally I’m planning to sell them for 40k gold per piece. If they don’t sell I will be happy to keep them.

Edit :

One last thing the new express is amazing.

My new beuteforced 1370 is in a better shape than my other alts.

The amount of free mats that I’m left over with is like a month or 2 farm in chaos/guardian.


Don’t you mean " Aaaaaaaa" ?
Your the wrong account for huh.

and well grudge is annoying but at least you can get it for gold.

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Yeah i was thinking about the same since people seem to be butthurt since cant get with blue crystals :joy:

Still can’t find the connection between the skin and engravings. :woman_shrugging:

You are missing the point here why is legendary grudge not sold for 1 gold so everyone can enjoy it. Why would it be locked behind 9000 more gold if it could be sold at 1.

Now it’s your turn to say huh, say it!


Wallpaper very different as it can only be bought in that 55$
Any complains about cosmetics from shop is a price set by company for whatever currency too.
Market gold prices are based on peoples demand and supply and is “f2p possible”.
There are some differences here.

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And what do the other two threads want ? To have it as standalone (for example 5$.)

What I’m asking you I’d to think the same way as the ingame marked.

Amazon values that wallpaper 55. People want it cheaper.

You value your grudge for 9000k but I want it cheaper.

The reason why both products are overpriced it’s because there is an exclusive value in them ( nothing to do with supply and demand or f2p)

Don’t get me wrong I would not be against the wallpaper to be cheaper. But for me it’s ultimately the same thing.

So manipulate the market.

Go farm thousands of legendary grudge engravings and force the value down to 1g so that no one can even attempt to charge 9000g for it.

Economics 101

Really? this is just sad on so many levels

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Wallpaper for 55?
Are you ok?

For 55$ you get skin+weapon+mount + whatever + wallpaper as a bonus.

Thats a value pack if you want to get all the things together, and as a reward, you get the wallpaper.

Wallpaper is worth 0. You pay for the skins.

And for your knowledge, grudge peice is high because there is too much demand, and not supply.

Imagine that one server drops 1 grudge / day, but everyone on the server need 20x grudges. People pay more because they need it. Simple economics.