Why Argos now is being a bad thing

With all the missing content in t3, why argos now? I mean you guys shared recently that only 13% is level 50, and according to steam only 1% of the playerbase is in t3, so since the grind from 1340 to 1370 is harder than the getting to t3 on a fresh account, we can assume that a very small percentage of the playerbase is in t3 with 1370 gear score, we dont have the steam achievement for 1370 so we cant know for sure. So here is the big question, what’s the point of teasing players and releasing new content if they cant do it? even the most hardcore players are struggling to get there. It would be nice to know what made you guys take the decision to release Argos now. why create this frustration towards the whole playerbase? The Argos isnt going anywhere as you but when we finally hit 1370 we will be facing the nerfed and boring version of the content where there is no challenge its just a 10 minutes time gate to get resources like you guys did in t1-t2 and if this schedule continues the gap between f2p and whales will just keep increasing and with that the frustration. The whales may be the blood of the game, the ones that keeps the money floating, but without us the f2p players are the body of the game, the gold that they are buying will be usuless.
Sorry for any english mistakes, english is not my first language

We have enough of this posts, lets make a megathread instead :'c