Why berserker is back attack?

why is berserker back attack?
i can’t understand why a warrior is back attack?
adding to my question, why shadowhunter is not back attack??? an assassin without back attack and a warrior back attack? why? why? why?
I hate this berserker mechanic being back attack, put it as normal attack without head or back attack, just like the gunslinger sorcerer and artillerist.

In korea there will be a balance patch in august, will this one also arrive early here as well as the last one?

balance patch always arrives early, but interesting content patches take forever.


Because they don’t care about the lore.

You know what’s worse than berserker back attack? Paladin back attack.
Berserker can’t have no modifiers because it’s a melee class.
Shadowhunter is the only melee with no directional modifiers because she transforms.

holy sht paladin is back attack too? wtf

Shadowhunter has back attack skills too, execpt demon form skills. Paladin offensives skills type has been changed due to it was so OP in arenas he was unstoppable. Btw it is very easy to do perform only back attacks if u play Mayhem you are fast you can reposition your character easily. I dont have any problem with that just more practice.

They made back attacks almost the default for ‘damage dealing’ skills.

Apparently it’s more fun if 9 out of 10 classes need to keep spinning around the boss, while the boss keeps turning at right angles nonstop.

Bard is also back attack funnily enough.

ya it’s weird af they changed paladins attack to back attack they were frontal attack until the balance update makes 0 sense

At least zerker doesn’t have to take ambush master.

they actually just did this like a month ago. its to help “dps paladins” i guess?

Depends from gameplay if u like repositioning, more sustain you take AM if u prefer less sustain and easier gameplay u take Grudge difference is really not so signify like many ppl think. AM is 25% dmg boost with no downsides (in reality is around 17-18 you will never put everything correctly) Grudge is 20% but you take 20% more damage, what Can be deadly in new contents.

Zerker is very flexible in choosing engraving. They don’t have to pick ambush master. They can if then want to, not have to.

Yes, zerker should NOT have back attacks. Someone at SG loves zerker, want it to have every possible engravings.

If you don’t like back attacks just attack from elsewhere lol. Same as if they removed it