Why can’t I report a specific Forum Account?

Can you please add that option to the forum?
i feel like it is very needed, not in-game only but here too!

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Isn’t the flag a kind of warn ?

yes but i want to add description of the problem.
i dont have that option.
i want to be part of a safe community…

Makes sense

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I do appreciate the time taken to make this query or report,

Unluckily on our forums you are only able to report a post not an account.

I hope this information granted has been provided you gives a great and helpful insight.

:spades: JWarlock :diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside:

Use the warn flag on their post, “report something else” it allows you to describe the problem.

Not aware if it actually does anything, I have reported multiple people being passive aggressive or malicious for unwarranted reasons to try and bully people out of threads so only people that agree with them will post. I’ve seen people be sexist and toxic. I’ve seen a lot of outraged people acting like children and indulging in all of the above.

I always report them. I’ve never received any form of contact to say that they have warned the people doing this. The threads get deleted eventually, the posts that are flagged get hidden, but I have no idea if the people doing it receive warnings or punishments.

@JWarlock It’s a pretty legitimate concern, I think. If the forum is not moderated to exclude these people, then we should have an option to block them completely, so they do not see our posts and we do not see theirs. I know we can mute notifications, but that doesn’t stop people from addressing us in third person while we participate in threads. I’m here because I love the game and I want to give the best feedback possible, I want to help players, I want to learn from others. A lot of people are using it like it’s their Twitter account or the playground at school, and it just makes it worse for everyone.


I want to report Corpius for trolling on my thread when I’m legit asking the admins for help on my issue.

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I see what you mean, lol. He is even doing it now with silly takes he formed in half a second.

This is exactly what I am talking about. This is not on. This person has no idea what is happening, yet feels the need to be passive aggressive and malicious to the OP.


Its not trolling when its suggesting legitimate options and suggestios my friend, simply because its something you dont like or didnt make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside isnt my probem.

Telling people to fix their real life is not a valid solution to toxicity on the forums. Go away.

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I could tell them to grow up… and not expect everyone to cater to their feelings… as thats not how real life works… eveyone isnt requiered to spoon feed you what you want to hear… or to even be nice…

If words from a random on a forum hurt that bad, like iI said and will say again theres other issues that need addressing. Real life must be just a solid kick in the gut.

Tell them to grow up? Look in the mirror. You are the only one not acting like an adult here.

Why, because apparently i hurt feelings and am not being apologetic about it? Lol…

What do you know about the matter? There is no information here. This person is simply asking staff where to report something that may be dangerous. You don’t know what it was, you don’t know that it was only “their feelings got hurt”. You have no idea. Suggesting to them that they are somehow inferior to you, and to go fix themselves, is childish, arrogant, disgusting, and toxic. Go away.

Anything that discourages people from using the platform to give valuable feedback from different viewpoints should be frowned upon. Contrarian people like you that only want to prove others wrong by bullying them should be permanently banned from participating. You do not give valuable feedback, you only muddy the waters, attempting to make yourself feel good at the cost of others.

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No… I wouldn’t say that. But one of the things that are common in the forum and I think is very inappropriate to post sexual stuff in a forum of a game for 16+ which is not the age of consent in a lot of countries.
I don’t care if people do talk about it but I want it far away from my eyes.
Literally, NSFW channels are made for such things.

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Yep. There are “Waifu” threads, clearly sexual, NSFW content disguised as “fan art” posted by people that are either extremely young or do not understand what the forum’s purpose is.

I’m appalled that this is not closely monitored, and the threads/ posts immediately removed, the accounts warned. It has to be.

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