Why can we fail Gates of the Sea?

I just took part in Gate of the Sea Endurance. Only a handful of others players also turned up to participate.

Despite our best efforts, and our team scoring 53% of the required score, both teams failed the entire gate and as such did not get to use our keys to open the chest. We simply didn’t have the volume of players required to complete the task.

Now bare in mind this event is only available three times a week.
How insane is it that this event can be failed if a small number of players turn up?

I would understand if there was next to no participation, but in order to take part in a gate of the sea, you also need to have taken part in at least one co-op sailing event and (rng pending) earn a key. It’s not a quick process so a failure at the very end is just needlessly painful to the experience.

Feedback: Please review the gate of sea event so that it cannot be failed. This allows players on smaller servers with low populations an opportunity to use our keys on the gates as long as a reasonable level of participation was observed.

Not exactly sure how you failed…

I did Gate of Harmony 2 weeks ago with 4 on my team 5 on the others and we still came out on top with opposing team just 1% shy of minimum

Trust me, it took me by surprise as well. I wasn’t even aware we could fail this event.
There were only 3 boats on each team and our opponents only had 13% completion which may have been a factor?

Gate of Harmony is the easiest of the gates to complete so that too may need to be taken into account.

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This happened again on Thursday.

I dislike having to bump but this really feels like a problem on smaller population servers. I have no idea how EU - West is doing.

If sea gates are run three times a week, but only one day of the week (a weekend) is viable, this is a very flawed problem for progression i.e. sea coin acquisition for ship upgrades, crew etc.

It’s impossible to use Keys earned in Sailing Co-ops if there are less than 10-15 players participating inside the Gate, actively harpooning the fishes.

What’s even the purpose of this kind of mechanic? It doesn’t prevent any botting or stuff like that, it’s just completely pointless to have such a high minimum requirement to be able to use keys.

This is especially worse Europe where some of the Gates happen at ridiculously late hours when there’s fewer people online.

This needs changing!

still nothing changed, bad game design still in place perfectly :frowning:

Hey Amazon, time to get your fucking head out of the rock you fell asleep under and pay attention to players from your game. You cannot complete these fucking gates anymore with 4 people. Lower the 50% requirement down to 10% so we can use these goddamn keys.