[Why can we not class change with relative ease]?

Why is there no transfer system for people to swap classes by paying a basic fee? I swear this is frustrating as it costs a lot of time and money to get from 0 to 1500 again.

E,g swapping everything from so said char to new char. That’d be such a good system to follow, and would give players a chance to experience new classes.

/Or introduce a system like BDO’s, where tagging is applicable. There has to be other ways of trying fully geared characters before getting into one. I did this mistake with my gunslinger and I am currently stuck unable to change mains any time soon.

For example: Let’s say I wish to main scrapper shock training,
allow me to change my class/gear to that. Accessories do not have to be changeable as it could be game-breaking due to value. However, weapon/armor, there should be no reason on why they cannot be swapped over / or tagged for a certain fee.

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i thought about this, at least on a base class level. like berserker can swap to destro/paladin/gl.

There would be no reason to play so many alts and allocate time and money to them so that your highest main could float between classes for a small (relative to re-Ivlevelling) fee.

The logistics of this don’t work.
Think about it, lets say you have a zerker and you buy mayhem books, then decide you want to swap to shadowhunter, does it then swap your zerker books to whatever shadowhunter books you want? What about the non-class book, lets say you buy a set of books for zerker meta that doesn’t fit for shadowhunter, does it then swap these books to something else?

It’s also not that hard to swap mains it just takes time and effort.
Lets say you have 6 characters all 1445+ to level a new class from 0 to 1500 would take you 3 weeks to get the gold to do it and probably longer to get all the materials together to do it.

Most multiplayer games don’t let you freely class change.

As I said, just armor and weapon. Accessories would not particularly matter.

Those you would have to buy yourself, same with engravings.

It’s a popular system many mmos have it. It’s a big reason people love ffxiv so much.

Lost ark would never allow it though.

SG earns more money by you gearing up a new character than you paying to swap over so why would they ever implement this feature?

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this ^^^

they get money if you make an alt and make money if you fk up.

why would they make it easier?

create problem > sell solution

Ya it’s a bit unfortunate but also part of their business model. I would love to turn my parked Zerker into a Gunlancer as well. But I don’t think they’d ever allow that, so Lopang employee it is.