Why can't Amazon raise the bar for bots?

I mean the bots now get their gold by numbers

Why can’t Amazon lower the earnings of lower level accounts and increase the earnings of higher level accounts to force them to give up the advantage of quantity?

It can be balanced by increasing the earnings of 1340-1400

They are in T3, they just don’t care.

Easier said than done.

Because the way the game was developed for Korea it’s good enough there as far as i know.
But we can;t use same measures Koreans do to prevent botting <ie. ID verification to even play the game>.
Game probably wouldn’t be out yet and for quite some time if they worked on more effective solution to botting. So basically: it boils down to money.

You have probably noticed bots (unlike all the normal players) are using some … “VERY significant in-game functions” that could be detected by basic automated server-side tools extremely reliably and with ease. One would say AGS should have and use such tools one or two weeks after the release latest. Meanwhile we are observing a very slow and reluctant banning of reported spammers, only temporal and certainly not reliable banning of gold buyers etc. Sadly, it tells us something about AGS’s approach and competencies.

Yeah. That they aren’t willing to spend money on real people to respond to those reports. Same as every MMO currently existing. Also you expect to develop and implement a whole new system that can recognize patterns and rule breaking from companies that take weeks to fix simplest bugs. I wont say that expectation in general is unreasonable. It is unreasonable when u know they take so long to fix already existing problems because that shows how bad they are at making the game.

AGS dug their own grave by not perma banning people who clearly were abusing RMT. It really shows what direction they’re going, or they absolutely have no idea how the mmorpg games genre works. I’m beginning wonder if there is a SINGLE person who has mmorpg experience in their team, because the biggest problem right now is not the delay of contents bullshit, it’s the fact that the game is in such a broken state, that it’s only going to get worse as time passes.
It’s humilliating to see these chinese botters literally live streaming themselves botting in infinite chaos dungeons, proving how bad AGS are at combating botters. And clearly, they’re not getting banned by live streaming, so these botters are not afraid lmao.
This shit is just sad.

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Yeah, they just do not use the best anti-botting tool they have. And thy probably have lots of people with a MMO experience already. The whole New World team. It’s an example how things should be never done though. :o)