Why can't I buy a server swap or at least get one for free

5 of my friends decided to play lost ark 2 of us started early and then once the game launched for f2p the rest of the 3 couldn’t join the server because its been server locked for quite a while now and its awkward because I have all my twitch drops on one server and nothing on another where we all play why cant they just give out 1 free server swap or put it in the store
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for like milionth time, thats not a supported feature so they cant offer you one even if they wanted to

someone linked something from KR that SG has the feature but if that is true, beats me why we dont have it

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Because (as has been stated in several threads) its not something that is available in the game and is something the Smilegate has to develop and implement if its ever going to be a thing. Server transfers in this game isnt just moving a character either, since a lot of stuff is bound to the roster on the server as well.

I mean they could easily implement it and itd just be an overall quality of life feature

I would pay for it

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They just put it in like a month ago and did some transfers with it, but as far as I understand it, it was a one-time deal and Smilegate chose where you went if you wanted off of a full server – you didn’t get to pick, and it isn’t an ongoing service (again, as far as I understand it), because it was done manually.

they cant easily implement it cause it screwes up the roster thingy

someone suggested roster moving, think that would be easier

whats the difference between roster and what ever the other thing is

Roster is all your chars on a server, not just one.

oh wow yea thatd be way better damn